March 29, 2010

Stylish New Green Prefab Cabins from FabCab

March 24, 2010

Numerology - Free Numerology Software - Free Numerology Reports & Readings

Numerology - Free Numerology Software - Free Numerology Reports & Readings

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this is offered directly from ..
the Free Version is for Short Reports & 1 FULL Report~
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March 22, 2010

House On Wheels – Martin House-To-Go ~ $29,900 (doesn't include the 3/4 ton truck :o)

10 Sustainable Housing Solutions To Tide Across Calamities..

10 Sustainable Housing Solutions To Tide Across Calamities.. posted by: Jayaprashanth on Nov 24 2009 Natural disasters strike without warning and it pays to be prepared for the same. Apart from causing death and destruction, natural disasters displace large swathes of human population. Where do these people go and how will they be housed? Addressing this very issue, we take a look at ten sustainable living structures that will help people survive the aftermath of nature’s fury. HOMErgent The HOMErgent is an emergency housing structure that can be quickly set up with minimal effort. Based on a unique Hexayurt design, the HOMErgent can be quickly dispatched to affected zones as it comes in a flat fold-able design. Unlike conventional tents, the HOMErgent lasts for almost 20 years, thus making it an excellent proposition to be reused while required. To make it a truly sustainable structure, the HOMErgent is endowed with solar, wind and geothermal generators for powering the needs of it’s occupants. Water Shelter Moving ahead, let’s look at Robert Nightingale’s Water Shelter. The Water Shelter is primarily designed to cater to regions prone to flooding. The uniqueness of this structure centers around the way it assists the victims, during every phase of disaster relief. Not only does it provide housing, it also can be a temporary shelter even as it is being transported. Talking of which, it can be dropped to safer ground from aircraft. The structure also has a roof harvesting system which takes care of the drinking as well as sanitary needs. This makes the Water Shelter a very versatile design that manages to be practical enough for real time usage. Uber Emergency Shelter Nobody really gives a damn about style during disasters, right? Wrong! Designer Rafael Smith has come up with very sustainable emergency shelter that manages to look stylish as well. Enter the Uber Emergency Shelter. True to it’s name, the shelter manages to be stylish as well as utilitarian. The structure does justice to it’s sustainable tag by having solar panels on it’s roof. Also, it has been put together using recycled and reusable materials. Transporting the shelter too, is a breeze as the shelter folds into multiple, compressed layers. Sphere Survival in itself is a big ask in refugee camps at disaster stricken zones. Here is a shelter that even promises privacy during calamities. The Sphere is a rounded living space that can withstand the harshest weather courtesy it’s waterproof canvas exterior. On the inside, tents are constructed using permeable nylon. It has nineteen units housing three people each. The privacy part is provided by removable partitions which separate each unit. However, occupants can bunch up in the central, open air atrium for cooking and bonding. Well, here is the icing on the cake: The entire shelter is recyclable. Amphibious House Global warming is for real and people on the coast could soon see their houses submerged. Waterstudio has a solution in it’s Amphibious house. This house is a conventional home during dry weather. But, when the floods arrive, the Amphibious House can transform itself into a home that floats. How does it do this? It does it with a float core that sits snug in the foundation. In order to keep it floating without going astray, steel cables anchor the home to a single place. Very cool! Pallet House The Pallet House is every bit a conventional home save it’s construction and portability. Designed by Azin Valy and Suzan Wines of I-Beam, the Pallet House is made of recycled shipping pallets. Also, the Pallet House can be set up in very less time making it ideal for usage during calamities. If needed, the house could also become a permanent dwelling through usage of conventional materials on the existing structure. And the knock out punch, well, an entire home can be built in as less as $500. Beat that! Recovery Shelter Mathew Malone knows that natural disasters don’t give victims much time. So, he went ahead to put together the Recovery Shelter. This shelter can be set up very quickly in adverse conditions thus making it a veritable life saver. Made out of 100% polypropylene, the Recovery Shelter is very light and can house four occupants. This radical looking structure has strategically places ridges that even harvest rain water. Smart design, we say! Cocoon Emergency Shelter Campers, hikers and mountaineers will love to have one of these. The cocoon, designed by John Moriarty, is a small shelter that can be suspended from almost any strong point. What is essentially does is, it keeps it’s occupant nice and warm even as he or she waits for help to arrive. All this is done courtesy the unique heat retaining fabric the cocoon is made up of. The occupant’s body heat is retained in this manner. A veritable life saver when the conditions turn harsh.. Folding Bamboo House For ages. people in the tropics have always used the humble bamboo for housing. Now, the ubiquitous bamboo gets some designer treatment to get transformed into an emergency shelter. Brainchild of designer Ming Tang, the structure is created from bamboo poles with recycled paper forming it’s roof. And the biggest takeaway is the fact that the Bamboo House can be folded and transported easily. Like all things natural, this is a totally sustainable and recyclable solution that will be a great shelter during natural disasters. In-Habit On first glance, the In-Habit looks like the regular tents campers use. A closer look reveals much more than a simple tent. The In-Habit is a creation of designer Todd Kramer. The In-Habit’s tent is made up of recycled PET bottles which otherwise would have added up to the world’s plastic pollution. Lighting is provided by solar panels which light up the low power-high luminosity OLEDs. The tent will also keep occupants warm since it is made up of a heat retaining material. Rain water and dew will collect into a expandable bag which can later be tapped for sanitation. If all that isn’t remarkable enough, the In-Habit is very light, making it perfect to be lugged around. Terrific is a mild word to describe the In-Habit.

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Biodegradable bamboo lighting system harvests wind energy..

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igendesign flow lamp

Creatives at iGenDesign have come out with a prepossessing bamboo lighting system that harnesses the coastal winds to illuminate the seashores. Dubbed as Flow, the spiral lights can capture wind from any direction to ensure a unvarying supply of renewable energy. Angularly incised blade-tips that contain light sources (LEDs) positioned on them are visible to passersby from quite a distance.

igendesign flow lamp 2

Even the electronic components, such as LEDs, wires and dynamo, are perfectly recyclable. Since LEDs are positioned on blade-tips, they form a continuous lighting surface or comply with slow waving movements depending on the force of the wind. iGenDesign will start erecting these prototypes for testing along Lake Balaton in Hungary, this spring itself.

igendesign flow lamp 1
igendesign flow lamp 5
igendesign flow lamp 4
igendesign flow lamp 6
igendesign flow lamp 3

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Biodegradable bamboo lighting system harvests wind energy

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Biodegradable bamboo lighting system harvests wind energy..

Incredible luxury Yacht-Villa..

#Short_Film "Nature by Numbers" by Spanish filmmaker Cristóbal Vila on the The Fibonacci Series and Spiral..

Film makers web site: For centuries, artists and architects have used some well-known geometrical and mathematical formulas to guide their work: The Fibonacci Series and Spiral, The Golden and Angle Ratios, The Delauney Triangulation and Voronoi Tessellations, etc. These formulas have a reality beyond the minds of mathematicians. They present themselves in nature, and that’s what a Spanish filmmaker, Cristóbal Vila, wanted to capture with this short film, Nature by Numbers.. article posted on: OPEN CULTURE "Nature by Numbers" in Film, Math on March 21st, 2010

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Geneva Motor Show by Honda ~3R-C Concept Electric tricycle.. #Wow

March 21, 2010

Beatles Abby Road #GIF Image

March 20, 2010

#How-to Synerg-ize #Water with Chakra Energy.. ~Creates a CHI drink for Overall Balancing effect...

There is so much coming out about the Healing properties of Water.. The Best things for us seem to be the most Basic of all our Resources and also staring us right in the face.. It's just in the HOW, WHEN & WHY of our PERCEPTION that determines when we will start to Accept these Innate Tools and begin our journey of Self Healing.. ATTENTION = CHI CHI = CONNECTION CHI = AWARENESS CHI = LIFE FORCE ENERGY CHI = LOVE CHI is in EVERYTHING & EVERYTHING is in CHI.. We Become a part of this process when we begin to PAY ATTENTION.. Awareness is the First Step.. in the Journey of the Healing of Self.. It's is the difference between IMPOSSIBLE & POSSIBLE.. It all begins with US.. 1st individually and then collectively as a whole.. We are all as interconnected as each cell in our bodies.. It all works in the cyclic repeating patterns of the Universal blueprint of all that is.. ~Tyhychi.. "You Can Teach Yourself to Heal Yourself.." (tee-hee-chee)

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March 19, 2010

Beautiful Fine Art: Rassouli's Ladies In Art.. Enjoy!

Rassouli is what one would call a visionary artist, who will certainly be considered one of the great masters in years to come.. Posted on Thursday, March 18, 2010 by (Thanks Bren for introducing me to this Fabulous Artist!) Here are some of his stunning creations, along with tidbits about the artist and quotes from him about his artwork. Rassouli has a unique way of reflecting spiritual experience by expressing images from his subconscious onto canvas. He often stimulates creativity by meditating at dawn watching the sunrise in a natural setting, or by envisioning a mystical journey through a night sky. His style does not focus on what is literally seen by the artist, but by surrendering conceptually to what is felt on a deeper level. Rassouli's painting technique is known as Fusionart, a style that he has created and registered and is presently teaching to many artists in Southern California. The main theme of Fusionart is cosmic unity. The painting style is derived from mysticism, near-eastern spirituality, and a foundation in European painting technology. Recognized as "the best student artist in Iran" at the age of fifteen, Rassouli was awarded a government grant to study painting in Europe. He migrated to the United States in 1963, where he studied painting and architecture at the University of New Mexico, and was honored with the Leadership Award from the Institute of International Education. “What I portray in my paintings of women is what I sense to be feminine power." Far more than simply an outer beauty to enjoy, I seek to expose the sensitivity and radiance that glows from within the feminine essence. Women have the capacity to be agents of peace and reconciliation, and are willing to explore innovative creative solutions to our human conflicts and global earthly challenges." "Creation is the product of synchronizing our energy with the universe. Once we experience the whole and recognize it, we become aware that we are nothing but the Divine Creative Force." "Relationship is the most important aspect of my work. I believe that dream and reality coexist in this world. Light and shadow, nature and concepts, technology and feeling, the actual and the imaginary exist together." "My art expands on the metaphysical and expressive ideas that I have drawn from Near Eastern mysticism: investigation of the nexus of internal and external universes." "All things are connected in a cosmic web. To me, the interrelations and interactions between the parts of the whole are more important than the parts themselves. That is why I like to paint motion with no objects to move, action without players, and dance without dancers." "I work intuitively. When I paint, I am mindless, yet I am conscious. I feel that my timeless inner presence is a medium that carries that which I am not aware." "I like to share my feeling of joy and exuberance with others. I like to show devotion and love and all other pleasures of the world in their most sensual grace and timelessness."

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Right in time for the weekend… Free Movies Online..
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open culture

The best free cultural & educational media on the web

Cannes for Free!

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Right in time for the weekend… Working in partnership with Stella Artois, is now featuring a selection of its favorite films that have played at the Cannes Film Festival.

The lineup, including many prize winners, features movies by Federico Fellini (Amarcord), Wong Kar-wai (Happy Together), Michelangelo Antonioni (L’avventura), Jacques Tati (Mon oncle), and others. There are nine movies in total, filmed between 1958 and 2008. And they’re free until June. These films should be available worldwide, but registration is required. Kick back and start watching here.

For more great classics, see our collection of Free Movies Online.

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March 17, 2010

A Micro-Look at an $100 bill.. (surprisingly interesting..)

A Close Look At $100 Some people enjoy exploring the smallest details of paper money. This $100 note has been macro photographed and now you can take a closer look at its signs. All the details are inside the post. Short Dollar History The United States dollar history is over 200 years. The design we know today was approved in 1928. The word “dollar” stands for “daler”. It was an abbreviation for Joachimsdaler, a coin that came from Joachim’s Valley (Bohamia). “Dalers” became popular in England at the times of King George III. Each “daler” was about 1/8 of English pound, thus it was called “piece of eight”. This long name soon transformed into a famous $ sign. $100 banknote has a portrait of Benjamin Franklin on the front. The back of $100 note illustrates USA history. You can see Independence Hall (Philadelphia) where Independence Declaration was signed. What you can see in the microtext is “USA100” hidden inside the banknote value. A microtext “The United States of America” is printed on Franklin’s coat lapel. Of course, this text is difficult to read as other coat elements are rather contrasting. Most note elements have a thick layer of paints that is why they are well perceived by touch. You can see red and blue fibers on white background. All images and prints are of high quality and very clear. A value in the right down corner of the note is printed with special radiant paint that changes its color from green to black. Franklin’s portrait is amazing You might wonder why dollar became green. The reason for this is very simple. Notes of old standard were easy to copy using a photo camera (they were printed in black and had a green color on the sides). Recently dollars have got new color tints of yellow and pink..

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Unforgettable Safari themed Photos from Photographer Nick Brandt.. Elephants, Lions, Giraffes.. & more..

from the Tyhychi blogger..

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March 16, 2010

You'll Love Everything about this Small Home..

Sustainable Living at it's Best..
“Wingardhs Mill House is committed to the artistic and poetic dimensions of architecture.”
 more photos:


Unforgettable Safari themed Photos from Photographer Nick Brandt.. Elephants, Lions, Giraffes.. & more..

The YOUNG GALLERY website.. featuring Nick Brandt (United Kingdom)
  more incredible photos..

Born and raised in London, Nick Brandt studied Film and Painting at St. Martins School of Art.

He started photographing in December 2000 in East Africa, beginning the body of work that is his signature subject matter and style. He no longer directs, devoting himself full time to his fine art photography now.

Brandt's first book of photographs, "On This Earth", was published in October 2005, by Chronicle Books, with forewords by Jane Goodall and Alice Sebold (author of "The Lovely Bone He has had numerous one-man exhibitions between 2004 and 2006, including London, Berlin, New York, Los Angeles, Hamburg, Santa Fe, Sydney, Melbourne and San Francisco.

He now lives in Topanga, California....

Few photographers have ever considered the photography of wild animals, as distinctly opposed to the genre of Wildlife Photography, as an art form. The emphasis has generally been on capturing the drama of wild animals IN ACTION, on capturing that dramatic single moment, as opposed to simply animals in the state of being.

I’ve always thought this something of a wasted opportunity. The wild animals of Africa lend themselves to photographs that extend aesthetically beyond the norm of 35mm-color telephoto wildlife photography. And so it is, that in my own way, I would like to yank the subject matter of wildlife into the arena of fine art photography. To take photographs that transcend what has been a largely documentative genre.

Aside from using certain impractical photographic techniques, there’s one thing I do whilst shooting that I believe makes a big difference :
I get extremely close to these very wild animals, often within a few feet of them. I don’t use telephoto lenses. This is because I want to see as much of the sky and landscape as possible--to see the animals within the context of their environment. That way, the photos become as much about the atmosphere of the place as the animals. And being that close to the animals, I get a real sense of intimate connection to them, to the specific animal in front of me. Sometimes a deliberate feeling that they’re almost presenting themselves for a studio portrait.

Why the animals of Africa in particular? And more particularly still, East Africa?
There is perhaps something more profoundly iconic, mythical, mythological even, about the animals of East Africa, as opposed to say, the Arctic or South America. There is also something deeply, emotionally stirring and affecting about the plains of Africa – the vast green rolling plains punctuated by the graphically perfect acacia trees.

My images are unashamedly idyllic and romantic, a kind of enchanted Africa.

They’re my elegy to a world that is steadily, tragically vanishing.

Nick Brandt
April 2004

More of Nick's work..
The footage in this film came from a music video that Nick Brandt directed for Michael Jackson's "Stranger In Moscow". Brandt re-edited the film with just the footage of the other characters, and changed the music to Gorecki's Symphony No. 3.

March 13, 2010

File share: Quantum Touch ~ The Power to Heal

(212 pages illustrated).pdf

2.94 MB

Foreword by Dr. C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D
Getting Ready I
1. Discovery
2. Resonance, Life-Force, and the Principles of Quantum-Touch

Techniques II
3. Basic Techniques
4. Frequently Asked Questions
5. Intermediate Techniques
6. Advanced Techniques

Applications III
7. Altering Posture with Energy
8. Working on Back and Neck Problems
9. Working Throughout the Body
10. Self-Healing
11. Healing Animal
12. Distant Healing

Other Essentials IV
13. Emotional Healing 
14. Nutritional and Lifestyle Healing
15. Fun Stuff

Vision V
16. The Future of Energy Healing

Two decades ago, Delores Kreiger introduced the concept of
Therapeutic Touch, which has been most widely used by nurses.
Just as there are many roads to Rome, there are certainly many
techniques for "healing." 
To me, all of these are part of a universal concept that I call
"sacred healing."

I have personally met and have been trained by Richard Gordon
in his healing modality,
Quantum-Touch. Many of my staff also were trained and we
were able to demonstrate that Quantum-Touch, even without
touching the patient (!), is capable of changing the
Symptomatic relief was obtained in a number of our chronic
pain patients.
Rapid relief of pain and resolution of healing after surgical
removal of wisdom teeth was noted in one young lady.
Sally Hammond in her book, We are All Healers,
over 25 years ago emphasized the potential healing ability of
every human being.
Quantum-Touch appears to be the first technique that may
truly allow us all to become healers.

Dr. C. Norman Shealy, M.D., PhD.

Shealy Institute for Comprehensive Health Care
Founding President,
American Holistic Medical Association Research &
Clinical Professor of
Psychology, Forest Institute of Professional Psychology

Quantum-Touch is a method of hands-on healing that literally
must be seen to be believed. Employing only a very light touch
on yourself or others, you can profoundly accelerate the body's
own healing response.
The effect is so immediate and extraordinary, you can actually
see bones in the body spontaneously realigning themselves
with only a light touch.

" Since the body decides where to place 
these bones, you need never worry 
about doing it right. 
Beyond structural realignment,
pain and inflammation are
quickly reduced, while organs, systems, 
and glands become balanced."

To empower yourself to use Quantum-Touch,
you simply need to learn various breathing techniques,
body awareness meditations, and hand positions.

Those who apply the principles and techniques of this book
can become highly capable practitioners in but a single day. 

This is because the ability to heal is an inherent part of people's 
essential nature. 
Just as new cars coming off the assembly line are all equipped
with a steering wheel, windows, and doors, the ability to help
heal each other is automatically built into the system.

As surely as children are endowed with the ability to walk,
learn language, laugh, cry, and love, we all have the ability
to be healing practitioners.
"Once you have learned Quantum-Touch, 
you can never forget how to do it. "

The process is very much like learning to ride a bicycle.
Before you begin, the idea of sitting upright on two skinny wheels
would probably seem quite impossible.

"When you first start to stay upright, it seems like a miracle,
but after some time, it becomes completely natural and
expected. "

When you first observe the results of using Quantum-Touch, 
the experience will often be surprising and unforgettable..

Like riding a bicycle, what had appeared miraculous will in
time become natural and even expected.

Beyond this, there is an immense joy and satisfaction in knowing
that you can assist others in their healing process.

One small note of caution:
I believe that this joy is contagious..

Deepak Chopra wrote,
"To promote the healing response, you must get past all the
grosser levels of the body —cells, tissues, organs, and systems
—and arrive at a junction between mind and matter, 
the point where consciousness actually starts to have an effect."
I believe there is such a point where consciousness and matter
intersect, that this junction exists on a quantum (subatomic) level,
and that this extraordinary connection between mind and matter
is accessible to us through our love and intent.

By harnessing the innate power of our love, we can dynamically
and positively activate the body's own healing process.

From the DNA to the bones, all cells and systems effortlessly
respond to the healing vibration of your love.

The following are some interesting things I want you to

know about Quantum-Touch:

Practitioners from each hands-on healing modality who have
studied Quantum-Touch in the United States, Canada,
and Europe have told me that it significantly increased the
power or effectiveness of their healing practice.

Chiropractors think of it as an advanced form of chiropractic.
Physical therapists think of it as a more effective form of physical
Similarly, acupuncturists have told me that it works like an
advanced form of acupuncture.
Reiki masters call it "Reiki empowerment" or
"turbocharging the Reiki."
Quantum-Touch combines seamlessly with numerous other
techniques to enhance their effectiveness: massage, shiatsu,
jin shin do, acupressure, polarity, cranial sacral,
therapeutic touch, healing touch, and so on.

Quantum-Touch is a wonderful stand-alone therapy
for people with no previous training.
This may well be the easiest healing technique that there is to learn.
Nearly everyone can learn to do extraordinary healing work after
two days of training.
It is so easy, you can easily learn from this book.
Children can usually learn to do this work almost immediately.
Quantum-Touch will empower people to relieve a tremendous
amount of pain and suffering of friends and loved ones.
It is truly one of the essential life skills we should all

On a purely selfish and personal level, I wish to live in a world
where healing is considered real, where healing is universally
practiced, and where humanity's kind and generous good nature
can be readily expressed.

For these and numerous other heartfelt desires, I invite you to
join me on a wondrous journey of discovery — the discovery of

"It's not important that you know everything -just the
important things."

—Miguel de Unamuno

March 11, 2010

Acupuncture Point Charts

What is Acupressure

Acupressure is a form of Chinese medicine, it uses the fingers to press key acupressure points on the surface of the skin to stimulate the body's natural self healing abilities. Acupressure is applied with pressure from the hands and fingers to the acupuncture points without needles. The Chinese have been using acupressure for over 5,000 years.

How does Acupressure work ?

Acupressure point are places on the skin that are especially sensitive to bio-electrical impulses in the body. Chinese cultures believe the points to be junctures of meridian pathways that carry energy called chi the Japanese call it ki. Western scientists have also mapped out and proven the existence of these points using electrical devices.

These points can be stimulated with pressure, needles, or heat to release endorphins that relive pain, as a result pain is blocked the blood and oxygen flow is increased causing muscles to relax and healing to accelerate.

Types of Acupressure

There are many different types of acupressure, and each practitioner may draw from a variety of methods. One of the most popular is shiatsu, a Japanese technique based on ancient Chinese principles. Practitioners of Zen shiatsu use their whole bodies as leverage to apply strong pressure. Barefoot shiatsu practitioners bring the feet into play, as well as the hands, to rub and press acupressure points. In the Chinese acupressure variation known as Tui Na, practitioners use their hands for massage like kneading motions. Reflexology is a type of acupressure that involves pressure points on the feet and sometimes the hands.

Benefits of Acupressure

* Relieving pain
* Balancing the body
* Reduces tension
* Increases circulation
* Relaxing

Many people have reported success using acupressure to relieve pain,
reduce muscle tension, and promote relaxation. A number have found the therapy especially helpful for easing back pain and for certain types of headaches, including migraine.
Post-operative pain and nausea has been found to respond to pressure point massage.
Chronic sinusitis sufferers have also found it useful for easing congestion. Although research results are mixed, acupressure is also commonly used for morning sickness, motion sickness, and other types of nausea.

* Some people find that treatments improve their overall vitality and well-being.

The Acupressure Treatment

During a treatment, which can last anywhere from 15 minutes to nearly an hour depending on the severity of the problem, an acupressure therapist may have you sit or lie on a massage table. Some acupressure therapists will work through clothing; others will ask you to undress (you will be covered with a towel).

The therapist will then locate and work on the specific acu-points that relate to your condition. Pressing a point behind your knee, for example, can help address low back pain. Or pressing a point on the top of the foot may help ease the pain of migraine.

Typically, the therapist will press each point for about three to ten seconds (longer in some cases). The points may be pressed and released repeatedly.
If the problem doesn't respond after about 20 to 30 minutes of treatment, acupressure may not be effective for you on that particular day, or for that particular ailment.

After a treatment, you will probably feel looser and more relaxed. You may experience a slight soreness, but you shouldn't be in pain. Within three to eight visits, you should know whether the treatment is working for your ailment.
Stress management usually requires a series of about six regular (weekly or monthly) treatments.


* Percussion: 1-3finger percussion light medium or strong pressure
* Pressing:  this is done with the thumb.
* Pinching:  pinching movement used on the hands
* Clapping: striking with the flat of the hand using medium force.
* Knocking: tips of the fingers on loose hand, brought down as strike.


Self Acupressure

Self-acupressure has been performed in Asia for thousands of years.
There are a wide range of books and videotapes on the subject so that people can learn how to self-perform acupressure in the comfort of their own homes.

It is a cost-effective treatment and no special equipment is required, all you need is a finger ! You can use fingertips, knuckles, or thumbs to press you can also buy items that press for you.

It can be performed alone anywhere any time. You doesn't need to practice at a particular time of the day to experience its effects.

Each body and each area of the body requires a different amount of pressure.
If it hurts a lot when you apply pressure on a point, then use lighter pressure. The calves, the face, and genital areas are sensitive. The back, buttocks, and shoulders, especially if the musculature is developed, usually need deeper, firmer pressure

Press for around 1 to 5 minutes on any points you are treating and give an equal time to the same point on each side of the body, as in fact you may experience discomfort on one side when the problem is actually on the other side.
Use moderate pressure don't try to drill a hole in yourself but also just resting a finger on an acu-point won't have much effect.

Caution: As with all the therapies on this website consult your doctor before you administer any treatments. See a qualified acupuncturist first and discuss possible acu-points.

Acupressure Chart

Basic acupressure points are as follows:

1. In Yong "Welcome Human" – For high blood pressure
2. Jung Boo "Center of Gathering" – For common cold, cough, & asthma
3. Dan Chung "Middle of Chest" – For asthma, high blood pressure & lack of milk
4. Ki Moon "Door of Expectation" – For rib pains and lack of milk
5. Il Wol "Sun and Moon" – For gall bladder ailments
6. Jung Wan "Midway" – For Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea
7. Sang Moon "Hurried Pulse" – For abdominal pain and vomiting
8. Chung Choo "Celestial Pivot" – Abdominal pain and diarrhea
9. Ki Hae "Ocean of Energy" – For stomach pains, diarrhea, menstrual irregularities and constipation
10. Gwan Won "Gate of Origin" – For frigidity, impotence & menstrual irregularities
11. Um Youm "Clear Um/Yin" – For menstrual irregularities & frigidity
12. Pyung Shi "Market of the Wind" – For circulation of the legs and tired legs
13. Yang Kwon "Gate of Yang" – For fevers and paralysis of the legs
14. Im Rip "Almost Crying" – For menstrual irregularities, ringing in the ears & foot pains
15. Yang Goo "On the Hill" – For stomach pains, cramps and arthritis in the knee
16. Jok Sam Ri "3 More Miles" – For general well-being
17. Nae Ching "Inner Garden" – For toothaches and stomach aches
18. Jung Bong "Middle Seal" – For arthritis in the ankle
19. Tae Chung "Supreme Thoroughfare" – For headaches and dizziness
20. Hyel Hae "Ocean of Blood" – For itch, allergic eczema, hives, & menstrual irregularities
21. Un Nung Chun "Um/Yin Mountain Pond" – For pain in the knee
22. Chuk Tack "In the Groove" – For cough, elbow pain and labored breathing
23. Yel Kyel – For common colds, headaches and Bell’s palsy
24. Tae Yen "Supreme Abyss" – For labored breathing, cough, and pharyngitis
25. So Sang "Young Merchant" – For sore throat, cough, pharyngitis, hand spasms, & tired arms
26. Nae Kwan "Inside Gate" – For nausea, vomiting, insomnia and palpitations
27. No Gung "Palace of Anxiety" – For exhaustion
28. Shin Moon "Divine Gate" – For irritability and insomnia

Acupressure points are located throughout the body on meridian lines, these are stimulated with finger and elbow pressure. Kneading, percussive movements, mobilization techniques and stretching are also used. This approach will balance the flow of energy throughout the body as well as stimulating the muscular, nervous, lymphatic, immune and circulatory systems, leaving the client calm, relaxed yet energized and clearly focused in as little as 20 minutes.

March 8, 2010

'Mythical" Temple Found in Peru..

January 28, 2010—A thousand-year-old temple complex (including a tomb with human sacrifice victims, shown in a digital illustration) has been found under the windswept dunes of northwestern Peru, archaeologists say. The discovery of the complex, excavated near the city of Chiclayo (map) between 2006 and late 2009, has injected a dose of reality into the legend of Naylamp, the god who supposedly founded the pre-Inca Lambayeque civilization in the eighth century A.D., following the collapse of the Moche civilization.