March 20, 2010

#How-to Synerg-ize #Water with Chakra Energy.. ~Creates a CHI drink for Overall Balancing effect...

There is so much coming out about the Healing properties of Water.. The Best things for us seem to be the most Basic of all our Resources and also staring us right in the face.. It's just in the HOW, WHEN & WHY of our PERCEPTION that determines when we will start to Accept these Innate Tools and begin our journey of Self Healing.. ATTENTION = CHI CHI = CONNECTION CHI = AWARENESS CHI = LIFE FORCE ENERGY CHI = LOVE CHI is in EVERYTHING & EVERYTHING is in CHI.. We Become a part of this process when we begin to PAY ATTENTION.. Awareness is the First Step.. in the Journey of the Healing of Self.. It's is the difference between IMPOSSIBLE & POSSIBLE.. It all begins with US.. 1st individually and then collectively as a whole.. We are all as interconnected as each cell in our bodies.. It all works in the cyclic repeating patterns of the Universal blueprint of all that is.. ~Tyhychi.. "You Can Teach Yourself to Heal Yourself.." (tee-hee-chee)

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