March 22, 2010

Biodegradable bamboo lighting system harvests wind energy..

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igendesign flow lamp

Creatives at iGenDesign have come out with a prepossessing bamboo lighting system that harnesses the coastal winds to illuminate the seashores. Dubbed as Flow, the spiral lights can capture wind from any direction to ensure a unvarying supply of renewable energy. Angularly incised blade-tips that contain light sources (LEDs) positioned on them are visible to passersby from quite a distance.

igendesign flow lamp 2

Even the electronic components, such as LEDs, wires and dynamo, are perfectly recyclable. Since LEDs are positioned on blade-tips, they form a continuous lighting surface or comply with slow waving movements depending on the force of the wind. iGenDesign will start erecting these prototypes for testing along Lake Balaton in Hungary, this spring itself.

igendesign flow lamp 1
igendesign flow lamp 5
igendesign flow lamp 4
igendesign flow lamp 6
igendesign flow lamp 3

Via: Inhabitat/TheDesignBlog524558

Biodegradable bamboo lighting system harvests wind energy

Posted by: Desh | Mar 17 2010

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