February 28, 2010

2010 Predictions~life's coming attractions from Beyond~(Courtesy-friends of the Unknown)~AMAZING!

Predictions 2010 & Beyond from the Sedona Journal of Emergence.. Music from ONE ESKIMO ~ Amazing!

Message from video.. "First Recognize that the Great Unknown is your Paradise." "We are only giving you the potential of what you are most inclined to do; We are not giving you some magic future, created by energies that are not yours." "The concept of free choice creates a constant and continuously changing track in front of you..and continuously changing.." In 2010, anything that you desire strongly will manifest in your life." "There will be a number of people who will increasingly be aware of a longing within themselves for more." "Souls will be stirring that have not been awake for many, many lifetimes." "In the year 2010 it will become harder to hide truth, Transparency will become the watchword of the times." "This coming year is a time to shed the perception of trouble and strife, and exchange that vision for one of transformation, growth, sharing and envisioning the new reality you are striving for." "The world is full, fat and overly ripe with juicy secrets now. These will seep, pop and explode onto the world stage this year." 2010 will be the year conspiracy theorists will say, "I told you so!" "Much will come to the forefront that was hidden in the past, including such areas as UFOs, psychic phenomenon, healing miracles and government cover-ups." "Universal truths about energy and the interconnectedness of all life will emerge into the mainstream with increasing speed." "There will be a growing sense of awareness across the planet that many things aren't really as they have appeared to be for a long time." "For many of you this will be the year in which you get it." "The demystifying of life, on the grand scale it is occurring now, is unprecedented." "The new world view is being created from the inside out, instead of the outside in." "Human Beings will move from instinctual survival, to conscious creation." "What happens between now and 2012 will be the foundation for the next ten years. And what transpires within the next ten years will be the foundation or the next hundred years and more." "Be prepared for announcements of cures for devastating diseases." "Be prepared for some amazing technologies that support the restoration of the dirtied waterways." "Evolutionary medical processes found through stem cell technology will bring the masses to absolute gaping awe." "People will be able to live uncompromisingly with strong bones well into their 90s after this year's discoveries." "Researches will begin to study human emotions more thoroughly and will see how humans play a vital role in the creation of sickness. And the scientific communities will slowly start accepting this." "In 2010 you are going to have a young people's crusade because of the internet." "Technology developed by hackers will permit people of all races and ethnicity to communicate without the interference of governments or countries seeking to silence them." "Another blessing of the internet will be the lifting of the curtains hiding child labor." "Communities will once again spring up in a way that has not been seen in some time." "You will begin to see a marked increase in the demand for wholesome, healthy, non-contaminated foods." "The past that held gods who took sides, is dying." "A power circling perpetually throughout this year to help you achieve your dreams, successes and enlightenment, is the power of visioning." "So if we were to give you advice that will hold true for the entire year, it would be to become a powerful visionary." "Energy follows thought." "We see even the last of you emerging from the fog soon." "Do not give your precious energy to a dying past." "Face the brilliance of your most wonderful creations." "Dwell on your Dreams.." http://bit.ly/baP8U6

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