April 29, 2010

Cher Fitness - A New Attitude ~ Muscle Strengthening Exercises

Cher Fitness - A New Attitude ~ Muscle Strengthening Exercises
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Genre: Video Training

Description from DVD:
This Video training is part of my own personal
workout program designed by my personal trainers.

I'm a student along with you so I don't want you
to feel that you're alone.
I do this program myself, every day and I know that
it works.
I feel better and look better in (and out of!) my clothes.

I know that if you make this commitment to exercise you
too will look and feel your best.

This program is challenging.
It's not impossible, but challenging and you don't have to
start out perfect you just have to start.

Step Workout (38 minute workout)
A power-packed aerobic workout with cardiovascular benefits,
providing three progressive levels of fat-burning,
body-shaping moves.
Fun and effective for beginners to advanced exercises.
Dynamite Abs..

Healthy Back (10 minute workout)
Here's an effective approach to abdominal tightening.
Exercises three different muscle groups while focusing on
proper alignment and breathing.
You also get moves that will strengthen your back muscles
for proper posture and long-term back health.

Hips, Buns and Thighs (32 minute workout)
A complete lower body reshaper that puts an end to ineffective,
endless leg lifts. You can get a unique multi-muscle workout
in a dynamic, upright format.
Built-in-challenges bring body contouring to a whole new level.

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Cher Fitness - A New Attitude ~ Muscle Strengthening Exercises

April 27, 2010

Phone Interview with Dolores Cannon

Phone Interview with Dolores Cannon

Planetary Transformation: The Coming New Earth
by Dolores Cannon

This Video discusses the same info as this article..
The article goes into specific detail and the video
covers even more topics..

Interview with Dolores Cannon

There have been many prophecies and visions of our future
and the evolution of consciousness of our world.
Dolores Cannon has been at the forefront of this
investigation, researching what she calls the
“lost knowledge” — the origins of life on Earth and
throughout the universe.

In this article she shares this information, which she
admits is controversial: a view of planetary transformation
that is both mind-bending and awe-inspiring.


My research in the field of hypnosis has taken me on
unimaginable journeys through time and space to explore
the history of the past and the possibilities of the future.

When I first began my investigations through past life
therapy, I thought I would only find people remembering
lives on Earth, because naturally that was all we knew about.

My belief system has really been stretched and extended
over the past thirty years. As my work progressed,
I was given a great deal of information about the
beginning of life on Earth.
I was told that this is the time for this knowledge to
come forth. We are moving into a new world, a new dimension,
where this information will be appreciated and applied.

During my work, I have heard much about everything being
composed of energy; the shape and form is only determined
by the frequency and vibration.
Energy never dies; it only changes.

I have been told that the Earth is changing its vibration
and frequency and preparing to rise into a new dimension.
There are countless dimensions surrounding us all the time.
We cannot see them because as the vibrations speed up,
they are invisible to our eyes.
It is important for us to know more about this shift to
a new dimension because it is coming soon.

Earth is a school that we go to and learn lessons, but it is not the only school.

You have lived on other planets and in other dimensions.
You have done many, many things you cannot even imagine.

Many of the people I have worked with in the last few
years have regressed to lifetimes where they were light
beings living in a state of bliss.
They had no reason to come into the Earth's density and
negativity. They volunteered to come to help mankind and
the Earth at this time.

I have encountered what I consider to be three waves of
these new souls who are living on Earth. They have come at
this time because most of those who have been here for
lifetime after lifetime have become bogged down in karma
and are not advancing.
They have lost sight of the purpose for being here.

The first wave of these souls, in their late 40s to early
60s now, had the most difficult time adjusting.
They didn't like the violence and ugliness they found in
this world and wanted to return “home” —even though they
had no idea, consciously, where that might be.

The second wave is now in their late 20s and early 30s.
They are moving through life much more easily. They are
generally focused on helping others, creating no karma,
and normally go unnoticed.

The third wave is the new children, many of whom are now
in their teens. They have come in with all the knowledge
needed, on an unconscious level.
Their DNA has already been altered and they are prepared
to proceed with little or no problems. Some of these
children are only nine or ten years old and have already
graduated from college. They are forming organizations,
and amazingly, these are organizations to help the
children of the world!


In order to understand why these three waves of volunteers
have come at this time, we have to go back to the beginning
— the beginning of life on our world.

I know this information is controversial, but when the same
information has come to me over and over in thousands of
regressions, I feel we cannot ignore it.

Eons ago there was no life on Earth.
There were many volcanoes and the atmosphere was full of
The planet had to be changed for life to begin.

In my research I learned that there are Councils that
make the rules and regulations for creating life
throughout the universe. There are Councils over the solar
system, Councils over the galaxy, and Councils over the
universe. It is a very ordered system.

These higher beings go throughout the universe looking
for planets that are suitable for life. They say that
when a planet reaches the point where it can sustain
life, it is a very momentous occasion in the history
of that planet. It is given its Life Charter.

Then various groups of ETs or higher beings are given
the assignment to go and begin life on that planet.
These beings are called the Archaic Ones or the Ancient
They have been doing this since the beginning of time.

This does not put God out of the picture at all—He is
very much in the whole picture. These beings first
bring in single-cell organisms to get them to divide and
form multi-cell organisms. It depends upon the conditions
on each planet which organisms form.
After they have seeded a planet, they go back to check
on the cells from time to time over the eons.
Often the cells do not survive,and they find the planet
lifeless again.

These beings have told me,
“You have no idea how fragile life is.”
So down through time they did this on Earth, and life
began to form. And after a time plants began to form,
because you have to have plants before you can
introduce animals. As life began to develop, they kept
coming back to see and care for it.
They formed the oceans and cleansed the air so that
various life forms could evolve.
Eventually the higher beings began to create an
intelligent being. This has happened on every planet;
this is the way life is formed.

In my books, I have called these beings
“Keepers of the Garden,”
because we are the garden; we are their children.

Now in order to create an intelligent being they
had to take an animal with a large enough brain that
it could begin to learn things,
and one that had hands so it could develop tools.
This is why they chose the ape.
Some people don't go along with this, but the truth
is that we are 98% genetically compatible. You could
give blood to an ape and it would live; that's how
close we are genetically.

But even so,creating the human being required
genetic manipulations and mixing in other cells and
genes brought from all over the universe to create the
different races. They said we will never find the
missing link; it doesn't exist.

Our evolution jumped generations.
It did not happen by random chance.

Over time, whenever something needed to be given to humanity,
these beings would come and live with humans and give them
what they needed.
Every culture in the world has legends of the culture bringer.

The Indians have the corn woman who taught them how to plant.
There are legends of the ones who taught us about fire
and how to develop agriculture.
In all the legends of the world these beings come from the
sky or from across the sea.
These were the teachers, and they could live as long as
they wanted. They are the ones who have come down to us as
legends of gods and goddesses.
It is still happening now, but they cannot live among us;
they would be too conspicuous.
So when they want to give us new ideas to speed up our
evolution, they put them into the atmosphere.

Whoever picks up on that idea is the one who will
invent it. They don't care who invents it as long as it is
in the timeline. An example of this is free energy,
which I am hearing in my travels that people are developing
all over the world.


When an intelligent being was created on Earth,
the Council decided to give us free will and see what we
do with it. There are planets where there is no free will.

The Star Trek directive of non-interference is very, very real.

This is part of the Council's directives:
they cannot interfere with the development of an
intelligent species. They can help by teaching us and
giving us knowledge, but they cannot interfere.
Even when we take what has been given to us and turn it
into something destructive, they cannot interfere or
tell us not to do it.

We were supposed to be a perfect species that never got
sick and could live as long as we want. Earth was supposed
to be like a Garden of Eden, a perfect place, but something
unexpected happened and changed the whole plan.

When life was beginning to develop nicely, a meteorite
hit the Earth and it brought bacteria that caused disease.
This was the first time disease was introduced to the Earth.

When this happened the beings overseeing Earth’s evolution
went back to the Council. They asked what to do now that
their perfect experiment was spoiled.
There was great sadness. The question was whether to
destroy everything and start over, or to allow life to
continue to develop.

The Council decided to let it go ahead and evolve
because so much time and effort had been involved.
They allowed it even though they knew, because of
disease, that life on Earth would never be perfect
as originally planned.

These higher beings continued to observe our evolution
from afar, but something happened in the 1940s that
really caught their attention:
the explosion of the atomic bomb.

This is something we were not supposed to have at
our stage of evolution.
They knew we would not be able to control it, that we
would use it for destruction.
Destruction of the Earth would not be allowed because
it would reverberate throughout the galaxies,
disturbing too many planets and even life on other
It was during this time, at the end of the 1940s and
beginning of the 1950s, that UFO sightings began to be
publicized. The higher beings went back to the Council
and asked what to do since they are not allowed to
interfere with mankind’s free will.

That is when the Council came up with what I think
is a brilliant plan.
They said, “We cannot interfere from the outside,
but what about if we help from the inside?”
It is not interfering when you ask for volunteers to
come in and help. This is how the call was given
throughout the universe for souls to come to help the
The people on Earth have been caught in the cycle of
reincarnation, on the wheel of karma, for hundreds
and hundreds of lives, coming back and making the
same mistakes over and over again.

We are supposed to be evolving but we are not.
This was the main reason Jesus and the other great
Prophets came to Earth: to teach people how to get off the
wheel of karma, to help humanity to evolve.
But we are still making the same mistakes over and over
again: creating wars and so much violence.

So the people on Earth were not going to be able to save
the Earth. It needed pure souls who are not caught in
the wheel of karma, who have never been to Earth before.

In the last five years of my work I am finding more and
more souls who have come directly from God. I have had
people go back to where they were ETs, to where they were
on other dimensions, to where they were light beings and
did not need a body.

The volunteers who come have a sheath or cover over
their souls so they cannot accumulate karma, because once
they accumulate karma they have to be reborn again and
again. Now there are tens of thousands of these new souls
all over the world, and the higher beings have said they
don’t have to worry about us destroying the Earth.

They say we have finally tipped the balance.
We are going to be able to save the world.

I have asked to know what God is.
They said that our conception is just a tiny thread of what He truly is.
We cannot even begin to conceptualize what He is.

They all describe God in the same way:
He is not a man—if anything He would have been a woman,
because women are the creative force.
But God is neither man nor woman.

He is a huge Source of all energy,
described as an immense Fire or Light.
Some call God the Great Central Sun, a huge energy Source,
and yet so full of love, total love.
One being described the Source as “The heart of the Sun.
The heart of God.”
When the pure beings who have come directly from God go
back to the Source, they do not want to leave.
This is where we all began; we were originally one with
this Source. The souls who have come directly from God
say that there is no separation; it is all one.

I have asked, if you loved it so much, why did you come?
They all said the same thing: “I heard the call.”
Even the ones who are ETs have said the same thing.
And when they come in, like all of us, their memories
are erased.

I have asked, wouldn’t it be easier if we remember why we have come?
They said it wouldn't be a test if you knew the answers.


The question has been asked whether there will be a fourth wave.
It will not be necessary because something else is going
to happen: we are moving into a New Earth—the first time
it has ever happened in the history of the universe.

Many civilizations have perished down through history
because of man.
Atlantis was one example but there were many others.
Each of these civilizations had tremendous advances.
They had psychic abilities; they could do anything with
their minds.
The men of those times wanted more—power and greed—
so eventually they violated the laws of the universe and
they had to be brought down.

Each time this happened, some humans were left to start
civilization over
again. This has happened time after time after time.
The higher beings say we must understand this because we
are reaching that point again.

They do not want to have to destroy humanity,
so they came up with this idea that has never been done
before: the New Earth.
The Earth is going to evolve to a higher dimension
whether it takes us with it or not. It is a living being.
If we want to go with it, our vibrations have to match
the new vibrations. And beings all over the universe are
watching us to see—are we going to be able to pull this off?

Many civilizations have disappeared from the Earth
without a trace. Among these are the Mayans, the Anasazi,
and many others.

During regressions I have had people go back to those times.
Each of these ancient cultures evolved spiritually to a
point that their entire civilization moved into a
higher dimension.

The Mayans saw that the next great advancement was going
to be when the entire world would shift into a higher
dimension. This is what they saw happening in 2012.
It is not the end of the world; it is when the entire world
moves into a new dimension.

The transition began around 2003. The culmination is going
to be in 2012. Time is speeding up. Earth’s frequencies and
vibrations are changing.

But not everyone is going to go, just as it says in the Bible:
“Then two shall be in the field; the one will be taken, the other left.”

It is very real. When the transformation reaches its peak
in 2012 the energy becomes so strong it will push the Earth
into the new dimension. There will not be anything dramatic;
it will be very subtle, very slow, and only those who are
really aware will know anything is happening.

Things will look different and feel different. The old Earth
is where we are going to have all the catastrophes, and these
are going to increase because the Earth is lifting itself as
it shifts.

You cannot change your frequency or vibration immediately;
it would be too strong and would destroy your body.
It has to be done in stages. Many of us can sense on another
level of our being that something is happening.
With the changes subtly going on around us, our physical
bodies must also change in order to adjust. Some of these
physical symptoms are unpleasant and cause concern.
Just be aware of what is happening:
the body is adjusting and adapting to different energy
levels so it can move on.


As the New Earth is formed, when you first cross over,
you will be in your physical body.
Eventually over time it will turn into a light body, just the
way these other beings are.

My subjects are being told that they must change their diet
in order to make the adjustment into the new world.
You have to be lighter. Heavy foods will hold you to the old Earth.

They have said many times that the ideal foods are live foods:
fresh fruits and vegetables.
Lighter foods will allow you to change your vibration and the
frequency more easily.
They say to stay away from sugar, and to drink lots and
lots of water; the true value of water is unfathomable.

Many people have asked,
“What am I supposed to be doing?”
We are here to help each other, being there for each other.

There are two things that we have to get rid of in order
to go to the New Earth: negative karma and fear.
There is good karma and negative karma.
As long as you are bogged down with negative karma,
you are going to remain on the old Earth, because the way the
law of karma is set up, you must repay it.

Too many people are caught up in negative karma and do not
know how to release it. That is the reason why new souls had
to come, because they don’t have karma, and they can help
others to release theirs. You have had many lifetimes with
the same people, going over the same circumstances and not
resolving it.

Until you can stop that cycle and get off of the wheel of
karma, you are not going to be able to evolve upward.
The way to get rid of negative karma is to forgive and let go.

Some of my clients have said, “I can’t forgive them,
you don’t know what they did to me.” That is what makes
people sick: holding on to this baggage and garbage
and not letting it go. You have to let it go because
it is not hurting the other person, it is only hurting you.

The first thing you’re going to have to do is forgive.
Now, sometimes that is difficult to do face to face
with the person. And sometimes the person with whom you
have negative karma has died.

You don’t have to face the person to ask for forgiveness
and to forgive them; you can do it mentally.
Picture the person in your mind and just speak to him or
her mentally. Focus on the person and send your forgiveness
and love. Everything comes back to love.

It all goes back to your treating others as you would want
to be treated yourself. It begins to turn to the vibration
of love and that is the most powerful thing there is.

Now, the second thing you have to do after that is to forgive
yourself, which is also very difficult. People are always
good at blaming others without looking at themselves.
It takes two to create a situation.
Even though you consider yourself to be the victim,
you’re still a part of the whole thing, perhaps even from
a previous lifetime.

You have to look deep inside to be able to see and accept
your part in the circumstances, and then forgive yourself.
Release it and let it go.
It has no place in your life any more.

The second most important thing they say you have to do
if you want to go to the New
Earth is let go of fear. Fear is a paralyzing emotion.
It’s the strongest emotion a human has. If you don’t
understand something you are going to be afraid of it.
Fear drags you down and holds you back.

If you have love there is no fear, but many people
live their entire lives in fear. There is so much on
TV, in movies, and elsewhere trying to generate fear.

You have to think for yourself and ask lots of questions.
Make up your own mind.
Then what you come up with will be your truth.

Most of the time what we fear never happens anyway.
Fear is so powerful that when you think of something
on and on, through the law of attraction you draw
that very thing toward you. You have to get rid of
fear because it is debilitating and binding; it will
hold you to the old Earth.

Meditation is very helpful. They say the best time
to meditate is just before the sun comes up, when
all the Earth is quiet and still. Any time that you
can set aside for yourself to be quiet, alone,
and just relax will be beneficial.
Then ask your questions and listen for your answers.

At a recent conference I attended, Annie Kirkwood,
author of Mary’s Message to the
World, described a vision she had of this transformation.

She saw the Earth sphere
begin to pull apart, like a cell when it divides in two,
and then it separated into two Earths.
And on the New Earth she heard them saying,
“We did it, we did it!”
On the old Earth she heard them saying,
“Poor thing, she died believing all that.”

One group is not even going to be aware that anything has happened.

I would like to end with a quotation from my book,
Convoluted Universe Book Three,

a message given during a session with one of the souls
who have come directly from God:
You are God.

It is given to you to manifest your God beingness.
Open your God self, and allow the light to enter.
From within, will come such light.
It will manifest from the very core of your being.
The world which you envision is already inside of you.

You are not moving to another planet.
You are breaking out of your shell.
This planet—this shell—is bringing forth that light.
It is given to you to enter your light fully,
fully and to draw it out. And to say, I AM LIGHT.
Nothing in God’s beingness can exist without the
permission of God.


© 2010 by Dolores Cannon.

Dolores Cannon is a past-life regressionist and
hypnotherapist who specializes in the recovery and
cataloging of “Lost Knowledge.”
She has been specializing in past-life therapy
since 1979.

She is the author of fifteen books and has done
over 1000 radio appearances She travels all over
the world teaching her unique technique of hypnosis
and bringing the message of the coming New Earth.

This article was compiled from an interview with
Dolores Cannon by Light of Consciousness,
as well as her DVD, Awaken, from a November 2009
lecture in Long Beach, CA,
and her books The Convoluted Universe Book Two
and Book Three.

For further information visit www.ozarkmt.com

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April 26, 2010

The 19 Healthiest Foods You’re Probably Not Eating

The 19 Healthiest Foods You’re Probably Not Eating
by Kyle Tuttle

There are a lot of very healthy foods out there, and nutritionists have been kind enough to let you know which ones to eat. After a while, though, their advice seems to all sound the same, and you start hearing the same foods over and over again. However, there are loads of foods that aren’t as popular as some, but are just as good (or even better).

Here are 19 of the best, yet lesser-known, foods that are excellent for your health:

1.Beets — Red, juicy, and irresistibly sweet, beets are reportedly among the 150 healthiest foods on Earth. The veggies used most commonly in borscht are incredibly rich in folate and betaine, which reduce your risk of developing heart disease by controlling the level of homocysteine in your blood. Beets also have high levels of iodine, bioflavonoids, and Vitamins B1, B2, and C. What’s more, the compounds that give beets their characteristic crimson color, betacyanins, may have cancer-fighting properties.

While broths and grilled beets are simply delicious to some, the best way to eat beets is raw. Heating beets usually reduces the amount of antioxidants in them, which means canned beets (which are often heated during processing) are out of the picture, too. Instead, try using fresh beets in salads and other dishes that allow you to eat them raw.

2.Cabbage — Cabbage gets a bad rap, often used in describing awkward smells and ultimately losing out to lettuce as the preferred leafy ball of goodness in most American diets. It’s a shame, though, since the vegetable is rich in sulforaphane, which enhances the production of certain enzymes that fight free radicals and help prevent cancer. In fact, research has found that sulforaphane is increases the levels of these enzymes more than all the other plant chemicals. It’s a great diet food, too, since a cup of chopped cabbage contains a paltry 22 calories.

You can pretty much enjoy cabbage as you would lettuce. It makes for great Asian-style salads, and it makes for a great sandwich topping. If all else fails, you can use it for coleslaw, but that would put its low calorie count to waste.

3.Canned Pumpkin — You might usually see this brought out when mom’s getting the Thanksgiving dinner ready, but you should ideally see it a lot more often. For one thing, it’s great diet food — not only is it low in calories, but it’s also really filling. Canned pumpkin will help you stay clean on the inside, too, thanks to its high fiber count. As if that wasn’t enough, the orange marvel is rich in Vitamin A, which bolsters your immune system.

Pumpkin is tasty on its own, but it’s heavenly when combined with spices like cinnamon or nutmeg. You can also blend it with a little sour cream for a delicious soup. If calories aren’t a problem, then you can always go with the crowd-pleasing favorite, pumpkin pie.

4.Cinnamon — Speaking of cinnamon, did you know that this good old dessert spice can actually lower your blood sugar? Researchers have found that diabetes patients who consume at least a gram of cinnamon a day (on its own, not on buns or cakes) have their blood sugar levels drop by a significant amount. That’s because the methylhydroxychalcone polymers found in the spice boost your body’s ability to metabolize sugar. This also has the extremely beneficial effect of reducing the amount of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides in your system.

As long as it’s in your spice rack, you can sprinkle cinnamon onto just about anything for and added kick. Some foods that go well with the spice are grilled lamb, coffee, oatmeal, and apples. Health food stores also often have powerful cinnamon extracts and oils you can use to get its nutritional benefits.

5.Dark Meat — Dark meat is usually passed over in favor of white meat, which has less fat. Those who prefer the thighs and drumsticks will be glad to know that dark meat only has 20 calories per ounce more than white meat. In addition to that, only one-third of the fat in dark meat is saturated fat, 86% of which doesn’t even have a significant effect on your cholesterol levels. Even better, that same percentage of saturated fat is composed of HDL cholesterol, the good kind that might actually lower your chances of developing heart disease.

6.Dried Plums — Known popularly by their more common name, “prunes”, these fruits are usually used in bathroom jokes more than in people’s diets. What most people don’t know is that dried plums are valued for more than just the amount of fiber they pack. The and neochlorogenic acids found in them fights off a free radical believe to be a major cause of cancer. They’re also quite rich in Vitamin K, and low in saturated fat, sodium, and cholesterol.

The dried fruits make for good snacking on their own. If that makes you feel too old, though, you can always try combining them with roasted or grilled meat. They can be used in cakes, too.

7.Flaxseed — What nutrients doesn’t flaxseed have? Aside from most B vitamins, magnesium, and manganese, they’re also rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which help fight against heart disease, diabetes, asthma, arthritis, and even cancer. They also contain lignans, which can help prevent breast cancer and type 2 diabetes as well. To top it all off, flaxseed is high in fiber.

The trick to getting all these benefits out of flaxseed is to grind it first. The nutrients just won’t be absorbed into the body unless it’s ground. After that, you can mix it in with your morning cereal for a really healthy breakfast.

8.Frozen Blueberries — Many people might be surprised to find frozen fruits in this list, since freezing has been known to reduce the amount of nutrients in fruits and vegetables. However, you can’t beat the fact that frozen blueberries don’t spoil and that they’re available year-round. The tiny fruits are packed with antioxidants, manganese, Vitamin K, and fiber. They’re also a good low-sodium, low-cholesterol, and low-saturated fat snack.

Before you break out the cheesecake, remember that blueberries are really tasty on their own to begin with. You can also mix them in with yogurt and cereal to add color and flavor.

9.Goji Berries — Goji berries have long been used as a medicinal food — for over 1,700 years, in fact. They have proportionally the highest antioxidant content of any fruit, bringing countless benefits to those who eat them. Interestingly enough, the sugars found in goji berries might even reduce the risk of developing diabetes.

Like most berries, goji berries are great on their own. Their sweet cherry-cranberry taste makes them a wonderful treat at any time. Fortify your breakfast by mixing them in with your cereal, oatmeal, or yogurt.

10.Guava — A lot of folks may not have heard of guavas, which are most commonly found in the tropics. The fruit contains an abundant amount of Vitamin C; the rind alone has more of the stuff than an entire orange. It’s also got more than 63% potassium than the average banana, and a great big deal of fiber. You’ll also find it a good source of folate, manganese, and Vitamin A.

The guava can be enjoyed in its entirety — everything from the rind to the seed can be eaten. The fruit has a slight tang to it, but it gets sweeter the closer you get to the center. The tricky part is finding one; you’ll have a better chance picking up a few at Latin groceries or in high-end supermarkets.

11.Hemp Seeds — While they’re usually connected with either new-age lifestyle enthusiasts and smokers of questionable substances, hemp seeds have a lot to offer the average person. For instance, they contain a high amount of omega-3 fatty acids, which pushes away the risk of heart disease. They also contain a lot of protein, in the form comparable to meat and eggs.

The seeds go great in oatmeal, or blended together with shakes for an added protein boost. They also add a great touch to stir-fries.

12.Pomegranate Juice — Pomegranate juice is very rich in Vitamins C and K, potassium, and folate. It’s also been found to help lower the blood pressure of those who drank it regularly. While it’s been very popular in the Middle East for years, the juice can now be found in groceries around the country. You can probably find a bottle in a nearby supermarket. Since the juice is packed with nutrients, a small glassful a day should be more than adequate.

13.Pumpkin Seeds — While the flesh of the pumpkin is very healthful on its own, the seeds are known to have the highest concentration of nutrients in the vegetable. The seeds contain oodles on magnesium, which is correlated with a reduced risk of early death.

The seeds are best eaten as a whole. An ounce of roasted pumpkin seeds contains roughly 150mg of magnesium, making it really easy to reach your RDA of 420mg.

14.Purslane — While it’s considered an herb internationally, most Americans classify purslane as a weed. This is most likely the reason why many people don’t even consider eating this highly-nutritious plant. Purslane contains the highest levels of omega-3 fatty acids among all fruits and vegetables. In addition to this, it has the largest amount of the antioxidant melatonin, an important antioxidant, of any edible plant.

Purslane can be eaten as a viable substitute for lettuce, and is recommended for use in the same way. Purslane salads are a favorite among the health-conscious.

15.Sardines — Sardines are more than just fish crammed into a can; they’re a fantastic source of omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and zinc, among others. They’re also rich in protein, Vitamin D, and a wide range of Vitamin Bs.

While sardines are good straight out of the can, they can also make for pretty tasty ingredients in a wide variety of dishes. Pastas are a good way to start, before you start experimenting with sandwiches and salads.

16.Scallops — A lot of people might think that these juicy mollusks are high in cholesterol, but that’s usually more an effect of the dishes they’re in. In fact, they’re very low in saturated fat. They’ve got an abundance of protein, selenium, and Vitamin B12, and contain a good amount of potassium and manganese.

There is a wide variety of dishes that contain scallops, so it’s relatively easy to find the way you can best enjoy them. Pastas, soups, and seafood dishes are among the most popular ways of serving them.

17.Seaweed — Whatever variety of seaweed you enjoy, you can be sure they’re packed with nutrients. Besides being low in cholesterol, they contain a high amount of Vitamin K, calcium, iron, magnesium, and riboflavin, among others. They’re also rich in potassium, which can help normalize blood pressure.

The most well-known source of seaweed is in Japanese food, but there are other ways to grab a hold of the plant. Try looking for dried seaweed in your local supermarket to enjoy it and all its benefits at home.

18.Sweet Potatoes — This sweet, starchy crop is probably one of the healthiest vegetables you can eat. They’ve got a lot of carotenoids, potassium Vitamin C and fiber in them. They also contain good amounts of Vitamins A and B6, and manganese.

You can enjoy them as you do regular potatoes — baked, french fried, chipped, and roasted are good ways. The main difference is that their sweet flavor allows them to be served in desserts, such as in puddings or pastries.

19.Swiss Chard — This leafy green vegetable may be slightly bitter, but their health benefits make for some good eats. The carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin in Swiss chard help protect your vision by preventing damage from aging. It’s also an excellent source of Vitamins A, B6, C, E, and K. It’s also rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium and zinc, among many other nutrients.

Swiss chard, being both salty and bitter, can be a little hard to use in cooking. However, they’re actually pretty good when chopped and sautéed in olive oil. After this, they’re a perfect complement to grilled meats and seared fish.

20.Turmeric — This flavorful spice is rich in Vitamins B6 and C, magnesium, fiber, and potassium. In addition to this, it is believed that turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties, as well as cancer-fighting agents. The spice is an excellent addition to any vegetable dish, and to good old scrambled eggs as well.

Original post:

The 19 Healthiest Foods You’re Probably Not Eating

April 24, 2010

99 of the best Windows freeware programs you may not know of..

Great list of Free Software! http://bit.ly/a9O97g

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April 23, 2010

Beautiful Gentle Meditation & Visualistion with Shafiya Eve

Shafiya Eve is a Reiki/EFT/HT energy-healing practitioner in the Northern Neck with offices in Kilmarnock and Warsaw and can be reached at Healing Energetics
(804) 580-0702 or email: Shafiya@reiki-eft.net or www.reiki-eft.net

~Beautiful Meditation and Grounding exercise by the Water~

April 22, 2010

SPIN ~ Documentary by Brain Springer

Brian Springer - Spin

Using the 1992 presidential election as his springboard,
documentary filmmaker Brian Springer captures the behind-the-scenes maneuverings
 of politicians and newscasters in the early 1990s.

Pat Robertson banters about "homos,"
Al Gore learns how to avoid abortion questions,
George Bush talks to Larry King about halcyon -
- all presuming they're off camera.

Composed of 100% unauthorized satellite footage,
Spin is a surreal expose of media-constructed reality.

April 19, 2010

Sound Therapy (Software)


this link will take you to the download folder,
where you can choose which files to download
and instructions..

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You will find the features of Natura invaluable as you discover how much it can help you.
With so many demands and distractions in your day, it can be difficult to achieve what you set out to do, whether it is to focus on a task, relax after a hard day of work, or get restful sleep. Natura will help you do those things more efficiently and effectively than you thought possible.
It is the ideal tool to aid you in improving your quality of life.
Try living in a more relaxed, balanced state and see for yourself how much better your life can be.
Your mind, body, and the world around you will thank you for it!

Some of Natura's features:
  • Relax with 34 nature and music sounds including: Ocean Waves, Babbling Brook, Rain/thunder storm, Singing Birds, Insects, Chirping Frogs, Wind Chimes, Ambient Space 1 & 2, Native American Flute, Piano, Ambient Dub, and Hand Drumming.
  • Coax your brain into a different state with 64 Brainwave Synchronizer tones.
  • Instantly access customized mood enhancement with 38 easy quick start Factory Presets.
  • Choose a peaceful scene out of 14 Visualizations.
  • Select your favorite color with the Custom Color Picker.
  • Make up to 121 of your own favorite combinations with the User Presets.
  • Control the length of your sessions with the Countdown Timer.
  • Personalize your view with 20 Background Images.

Some uses of Natura:
  • Get a full night's sleep.
  • Use as a meditation aid.
  • Help yourself study or concentrate.
  • Relax while you work at your computer.
  • Overcome writer's block.
  • Help a baby get to sleep.
  • Calm your pets.
  • Decrease anxiety.
  • Clear the cobwebs from your mind.
  • Heal yourself.
  • Drown out distracting noises.
  • and 1000's more uses...
To start, we suggest that you explore the factory presets to become familiar with the wide range that Natura offers. Don't be afraid to click around and explore the features and settings. Be patient and in no time, you will learn how easy it is to control Natura.

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Conversations with Nostradamus Volume III

Conversations with Nostradamus Volume III
by Dolores Cannon

April 18, 2010

Astrology eBooks ~ (file sharing)

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Marion D. March and Joan McEvers - The Only Way To Learn Astrology Volume 1

Complete Idiot's Guide to Astrology

Donna Cunningham - An Astrological Guide to Self-Awareness

Astrology For Dummies 2nd Edition

Stop Smoking Meditation Audio

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Stop Smoking

Brain Sync - Stop Smoking - 1 - Anytime.mp3
Brain Sync - Stop Smoking - 2 - Use Headphones.mp3

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Meditation Audio.. Favorites ~ File sharing

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The Secret Universal Mind Meditation
Brain Sync - The Secret - 01 - Instructions.mp3
Brain Sync - The Secret - 02 - Meditation.mp3

Super Learning

Super Learning - 1 - Meditation Music and Subliminal Messages.mp3
Super Learning - 2 - Meditation Music, Theta Waves, Subliminal Messages.mp3

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Theatre of the Mind with Kelly Howell

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April 13, 2010

Dolores Cannon ~ Conversations with Nostradamus - Volume 1& 2


(click images for download link)

  Volume 2

Conversations with Nostradamus - Volume 1 & 2
 (There is a Volume 3, I just don't have it yet!)..

The most accurate interpretation of Nostradamus ever printed is contained in these three volumes.

Through a million-to-one chance, contact through hypnosis, Nostradamus has broken through to
our time period to reveal the events he foresaw rushing toward humankind.
The master himself explains the puzzles he carefully concealed in code within his famous quatrains or prophecies.
By speaking from his time to our time, he warns us so we can use our free will to help change the future.
This revised edition contains updates of events that have already occurred since the original printing in 1989.
 The addendum shows how prophecies have been fulfilled since the writing of the three volume set.

ISBN: 1-886940-00-2..................371pp.

Conversations with Nostradamus

Table of Contents

Sectin One: The Contact
1. Message from a Guide
2. I Meet Dyonisus
3. The Great Man Cometh
4. Nostradamus Speaks
5. The Shift of the World
6. Elena Departs
7. Through the Magic Mirror
8. Man of Mystery

Section Two: The Translation
9. The Translation Begins
10. Quatrains Dealing with the Past
11. The Present Time
12. The Near Future
13. The Time of Upheavals
14. The Coming of the Anti-Christ
15. The Last Three Popes
16. The Ravage of the Church
17. The Monster Appears
18. Europe, the Eternal Battlefield
19. Experimentation
20. The Time of Troubles
21. The Cabal
22. The Turning of the Tide
23. Aftermath of the Third War
24. The Great Genius
25. The Far Future
26. The End and the Beginning
Addendum, 1996
Quatrain Index


Conversations with Nostradamus - Volume 2

The second book in this series contains 143 additional quatrains written and deciphered by Nostradamus himself.
This volume includes:
* More about the rise and location of the Anti-Christ, including his horoscope.
* The correlation of 666 (the mark of the beast) and computers.
* More about the third world war and what countries will be affected.
* Dangerous new technologies to control the weather and earthquakes.
* Maps showing the portions of the continents that remain after the axis shift and the melting of the polar icecaps.
* The role of Space Visitors during the time of tribulations.

ISBN: 0-9632776-1-8.................357pp.

Table of Contents

Section One: The New Contact
1. The Adventure Continues
2. More Quatrains Interpreted by Brenda(The Past)
3. The Present Time
4. The Near Future
5. The Anti-Christ Emerges
6. The Deeds of the Monster
7. The Far Future
8. The Hadrian Quatrains
9. The Horoscopes
10. The Tapestry Room
11. The Golden Thread of Nostradamus
12. Nostradamus and Astrology
13. The Force of the Evil Priest
14. 666, The Secret of the Number of the Beast
15. Nostradamus' House

Section Two: The Translation
16. The Translation Begins Through John
17. The Fate of the Anti-Christ and the World
18. The Injured Child
19. Some Bad Wine
20. We Come at Night
21. The Heart Attach
22. The Hidden Room
23. Nostradamus' First Contact
24. Nostradamus' Philosophy
25. The New Baby
26. A Karmic Debt Repaid
27. The World of the Future?

 Link to more Dolores Cannon eBooks:

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Dolores Cannon ebooks

(click image to download link)

1. The Custodians:

UFO Sightings and Abductions by aliens were the beginning, the tip of the iceberg.

Dolores Cannon's work in hypnosis has taken the study beyond abduction.
This accumulation of 12 years of cases includes:
* Cases of missing time
* Spacecraft from other dimensions and planes of existence
* Condensed or distorted time
* The differences and functions of various alien races
* And much more

Dolores traces the phenomenon from the simple to the complex. Exploring areas untouched by other investigators,
 she makes the unbelievable become acceptable and understandable.

ISBN: 1-886940-04-5.................565

Table of Contents

Section One
1. A Change of Direction
2. Condensed or Distorted Time
3. Things are not Always what they Appear to Be
4. Hidden Information in Dreams
5. Buried Memories
6. The Library
7. The Aliens Speak

Section Two
8. Contact with a Little Gray Being
9. Taken from the Freeway
10. The Alien Base inside the Mountain
11. The Energy Doctor
12. Janice meets her Real Father
13. The Ultimate Experience
14. Investigating the Investigator
15. The Conclusion

(click image to download link)

2. Between Lives ~ Between Death & Life

An in depth discussion on what happens at death, where you go and different events after death.
 This information is based on fifteen years of research through hypnosis by Dolores Cannon.
 These lectures are from various conferences and expos from all over the world.

Table of Contents
1. The Death Experience
2. The Greeters
3. A Near Death Experience
4. The Schools
5. The Grand Tour
6. The Different Levels or Planes of Existence
7. So-Called "Bad" Lives
8. Guides
9. God and Jesus
10. Satan, Possession & Demons
11. Ghosts & Poltergeists
12. Planning & Preparation
13. The General Council
14. Imprinting
15. Walk-ins
16. The Return Trip

(click image to download link)

3. Keepers of the Garden

A young man wanting to explore past-life regression discovers this is his first lifetime on Earth.
 All his other existences were on alien worlds and in other dimensions.
 As this unique case is explored further, he finds out that his association with extraterrestrials
 did not cease with these other lives.
The interaction with UFOs and aliens has continued during all his present life, although the
information was protectively hidden by his subconscious.
This strange case reveals the motives behind present-day involvement between UFOs and humans,
and the hopes and expectations of our creators for their garden.

We are the Garden --- The gardeners are extraterrestrials from other worlds

ISBN: 0-9632776-4-2...................287pp

Table of Contents

1. The Discovery of Starchild
2. The Lost Colony
3. The Spaceship
4. The Strange City
5. The Social Structure of the Alien Planet
6. The Energy Director
7. The Fourth-Dimensional City
8. Imprinting
9. Death in a Needle
10. The Breakthrough to the Three Spires
11. Rushing to Earth's Aid
12. Starseed
13. The Explorers
14. Weeds in the Garden
15. The Dinosaurs
16. The Interbreeding
17. Area for the Dignitaries
18. Other Types of Beings
19. The Aliens Are Here
20. Terror in the Night
21. Discovery of Earlier Contacts
22. Losing Touch with Reality
23. Denial of Access
24. The Mysterious Black Box


(click image to download link)

4. Legend  of Starcrash

Through regressive hypnosis, a lost legend of the history of mankind has been retrieved from the recesses of time.
Did the American Indians descend from the inhabitants of an alien spacecraft that crashed in the Alaska-Canada
region thousands of years ago?
Keepers of the Garden told the story of the original seeding of the planet Earth by aliens from outerspace.
 Starcrash indicates that aliens continue to come to Earth, some intentionally and some by accident,
throughout our history.
In order to adjust to harsh conditions, they were forced to interbreed with the local aborigines.
This was the only way to ensure the survival of their race.
Does their blood still flow in the veins of certain American Indian tribes? Dolores Cannon, hypnotist and
psychic investigator, researches this unique case of past-life regression.

ISBN: 0-9632776-7-7.............250pp

Table of Contents

1. The Discovery of the Legend
2. Calling the Spirits
3. The Village
4. The Legend of the Old Ones
5. The First People
6. When the Moon Walked a Different Path
7. The Blanket Design
8. The Hunter's Tools and the Animals
9. The Children's Stories
10. The Creation Legends
11. The Wise Man's House
12. The Life of Tuin, the Hunter
13. The Death of Tuin and the Aftermath
14. The Origin of the Old Ones
15. Survival
16. The Artifacts
17. The Magic of the Old Ones
18. Research
19. The End of the Adventure


(click image to download link)

 5. Legacy from the Stars

Table of Contents (336 pgs)



(click image to download link)

6. Jesus and the Essenes

This extraordinary document represents a new form of historical research, and straightens out many
open questions and misinterpretations.
It takes the form of direct dialogues between a modern researcher and a member of the Qumran Essene community.
Alive around the time of Christ, this community has become the focus of ideas about the connection of Jesus'
teachings to earlier traditions.
This book gives a full description of the nature and purpose of the community,
and the birth and upbringing of Jesus and John the Baptist.
 Also, it gives Essene renderings of Key Old Testament stories, concerning Moses, Ezekiel, Daniel and others,
 plus startling insights into ancient history.
This information is candid and for real, even about the Dead Sea Scrolls, and many Biblical images and
 statements are corrected and added to.

ISBN: 1-886940-08-8................271pp.

Table of Contents

Section One: The Mysterious Essenes
1. How It All Began
2. The Subject
3. Meeting Suddi
4. Who Were the Essenes?
5. Description of Qumran
6. The Government of the Qumran Community
7. The Mysterious Library
8. The Twelve Commandments
9. Meditation and Chakras
10. Suddi's First Trip to the Outside World
11. Suddi's Sister Sarah
12. Going to Bethesda
13. Questioning
14. Scrolls and Biblical Stories
15. Moses and Ezekiel
16. Creation, Catastrophy and the Kaloo

Section Two: The Life of Jesus
17. Jesus: The Prophecies
18. The Star of Bethlehem
19. The Magi and the Baby
20. Jesus and John: Two Students at Qumran
21. Jesus and John: Completion of Their Studies
22. Jesus' Travels, and Mary
23. Jesus' Ministry Begins
24. Preparation for Crucifixion
25. The Crucifixion and Resurrection
26. The Purpose of the Crucifixion and Resurrection


(click image to download link)

7. They Walked With Jesus

Sequel to "Jesus and the Essenes". The past-life memories of two women capture a true and compelling portrait of Jesus the man, from the healing miracles he performed to the gentle philosophy he preached. This is an "insiders" view, direct from Jesus' time, deep in feeling tones and profound in implications, giving a sense of how things truly were. This book includes drawings of the Temple and Old Jerusalem, and includes scenes at the Temple in Jerusalem, visits to homes and leper colonies, political intrigues leading to the crucifixion, and also the personal feelings of those who met him. The realism of this information is outstanding.

ISBN: 1-886940-09-6...............240pp.

Table of Contents

1. Discovering the Jesus Encounters
2. A meeting With Jesus
3. The Healing
4. The Temple and Old Jerusalem
5. Introduction to Jesus' Niece
6. The Departure
7. The Village of the Lepers
8. The Village on the Sea of Galilee
9. A Vision of Jesus' Death
10. Naomi's Story of the Crucifixion
11. Death is but Another Pilgrimage


 For more Dolores Cannon ebooks:

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April 4, 2010

Photo ~ Full Moon view..

17065826.jpg (JPEG Image, 1280x800 pixels) - Scaled (65%)