October 17, 2010

Read.. the "Wanderer Awakening" by David Wilcock free online..

Are you a Wanderer too?

Wanderer Awakening: (online book)

The Life Story of David Wilcock


Chapter 01: A Voice from the Sixth Density

Chapter 02: The Descent into Materiality and Early Childhood Memories

Chapter 03: Mystical Adolescent Experiences

Chapter 04: Memories Resurfacing in Science Fiction Story

Chapter 05: Dreams and Realities

Chapter 06: Extraterrestrials are Real, and I Might Be One of Them

Chapter 07: "If the Devil Can't Get You Any Other Way, He Sends a Woman"

Chapter 08: Putting the Pieces Together with Dreams

Chapter 09: Wanderer Awakening

Chapter 10: Final Steps to Contact

Chapter 11: The Phone Call that Launched a New Life

From the book:
In the boundless depths of the Creation, I have found my home, a place to serve the One and come to a greater understanding of myself. From this watery planet at the far rim of the galaxy, I heard the cries of millions and millions of entities, living in fear and trepidation that they might never be free. I knew exactly what their cries meant, and could feel their pain as if it were my own. On their astral level, or what they might call "subconscious," they were quite well aware of the pressing crisis of their disconnection with their Source, the Light and Love of the One Infinite Creator. Yet on the conscious level, that of the waking Ego of their three-dimensional minds, they had forgotten. Indeed, there was so much for them to remember, so much that they were not seeing. At that moment, hearing those cries and feeling their pain, I vowed to take immediate action. Could I simply allow this to go on? To see these beings suffering, without them even knowing consciously what they were suffering from?

Read the story where the two and a half hour musical came from!

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