October 7, 2010

Kevin Buijs's Photos - Inspirations

❤ this Beautiful Poem and Photo.. from Author Kevin Buijs

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Kevin Buijs's Photos - Inspirations

" I whisper in the wind, whilst gazing up to the sky . . .
God can you hear me?
Then suddenly
The wind picks up, the deserts sands sprinkle and begin to cover my toes, all the way up to my ankles . . .
A Star then soars across the sky, with a tail as long as the desert herself . . .
...I close my eyes,
I wait in silence & wait in patience.
As I Accept the Universal energy within me.
My lips begin to move slowly, to which I hear the words . . .
'Yes I Am Here.'
I smile and look to the Star, knowing that no matter how far she may be, Ultimately she always resides within me ♥ "'

~ Kevin Buijs
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