January 15, 2013

Simon Dale House Built for less than $5,000..

Simon Dale House Built for less than $5,000..

How can you build a house if you have only $5,000? Simon Dale, a self-build devotee, knows the answer. He constructed his woodland home entirely from natural and reclaimed materials, including tiles from a showroom skip and spent $4,900 and only 4 months on this low-impact living.

It took about 1000-1500 man hours to finish the project.

The house was built with maximum regard for the environment. It was dug into hillside. Foundations and walls were made of stone and mud from diggings. Frame of oak thinning came from surrounding woodland. Straw bales were used to build walls, floor and roof for super-insulation.

There is a naturally cooled refrigerator in the house. It is cooled by air coming underground through foundations. The house residents use water from the nearby spring. Solar panels generate electricity for lighting, computing and music. Day light penetrates through the skylight in the roof of the house.

Candles are another way of lighting in the evening. very cozy and beautiful.

Lime plaster on walls is breathable. Woodburner is used for heating.
Flue goes through bin stone to retain and slowly release heat.

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Toni said...

WOW!!! Kudos to you and your beautiful home! Do you do this for others? Are you available to help with construction ?
Lovely execution....would be so happy to live in a warm little earth berm!