July 16, 2010

Correcting Posture = Immunity & Longevity..

I was watching Gabriela's video from Youtube
as she is discovering the possibilities of using
Healing Touch based on Quantum Energy healing..

Healing is as simple as this.. just using Attention & Touch..

~ my Comment:
from TYHYCHI Networks..

As I watch this video my response is:
It is so awesome to watch as people discover healing touch..

Yes, Muscular Re-Alignment & Correction happens:
Anytime touch is combined with your attention..
Touch/Attention releases compressed energy (PSI) trapped within the layers
of your muscle..
-this naturally corrects or re-aligns the strands (fibers) of the muscle..
the body can calibrate naturally, using any type of energy releasing techniques like this,
allowing the reversal of dis-ease by correcting posture & muscle alignment..

The muscle strands when blocked actually go out of alignment by twisting linear-ly,
and not only compress and close off to a degree.. but block off proper circulation,
so that we don't get the appropriate amount of cellular regeneration recycling new cells with old cells..

The ability to release Energy Blockages of any kind is possible whenever you use your attention and awareness and direct it towards something.. anything.
Which is why EFT and similar modalities work so well and instantly in most cases..
(EFT = Emotional Freedom Technique)

If you use this perspective using these same principles for any and all ENERGY blockages of
your BODY, MIND & Spirit.. you inherit your own innate ability to self heal..
and gain back control of your own life.. it's that simple to start the healing process..

Once you engage in this healing process, the journey just begins..
the healing is only the beginning.. the Universe immediately combines/attracts
Opportunities, Challenges, Blessings and Rewards to guide you through to each
new step toward Enlightenment, Wholeness..
Oneness of Your Body Mind & Spirit!

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