July 20, 2010

Project Camelot interviews Michael Tellinger: Temples of African Gods

also Michael Tellinger on Coast2Coast AM w/ George Noory - (Archived)

Michael is interviewed on Coast to Coast radio about Adam's Calendar and Extraterrestrials.



Michael Tellinger : Temples of african gods

Los Angeles, May 2010 |.mp3 | .mov


I decided to do an audio interview with Michael Tellinger in order to provide an upldate on what is becoming worldwide attention on the ruins in South Africa. The stone circles including Adam's Calendar were brought to the forefront when Johan Heine contacted Michael Tellinger, author of Slave Species of god back in 2007 to tell him about the discovery of a massive set of stone ruins located in South Africa. As the author of an investigation into the Annunaki and the genetic engineering of man, Michael iinstantly saw the connection to his own work.

Now, years later, with more scientists beginning to recognize the importance of these sites, known as Adam's Calendar and Makomati, Michael is spending more of his time showing interested parties what has been found. His investigations into these ruins have yiellded secrets regarding the origins of humanity, the technology and knowledge that resides in this place and the signfiicance this has for our future.

In addition, this interview happened as part of what became a strange synchronicity with a controversy that has erupted aournd Michael Tellinger and Credo Mutwa. In a special effort to clear up this controversy, I have asked Michael to talk about this and reveal details of his relationship to Credo. I sincerely hope that the information here will clear up this misunderstanding. More and more, in this field of research, journalists and personalities find half truths or misconceptions and take it upon themselves to publicize them either for their own advancement or for some nefarious purpose that is not immediately clear. This is a call to all those who have participated in this to come forward with public apologies and understanding.

Official Statement by Michael Tellinger - 26 May 2010

On Credo Mutwa and the accusations of fraud.

michael with credo

Due to certain developments beyond my control, I have been drawn into an unfortunate situation where a faceless, nameless individual supported by a group of so-called journalists have started spreading malicious lies about me stealing large amounts of money from Credo Mutwa. At first I saw it as a minor irritation that would just go away if I ignored it, since it is without any merit or substance, but to my surprise, these allegations have grown in their venomous nature to the extent that they have convinced some prominent international authors and respected journalists to fall for these lies. The lies and allegations against me have been so well planned that they have even created some doubt in the mind of my dear friend baba Credo and his wife Virginia.  It has also led to the souring of relationships between me and some prominent international authors, who in my opinion should have done more to investigating the source before siding with those that began the rumours.

So, I now feel that it is imperative to go on record for all to see that whoever has concocted these accusations is guilty of launching a smear campaign against me for some inexplicable reason.

My relationship with Credo and Virginia Mutwa is healthy and I have warned them to be aware of this sinister activity. I can categorically state that I have done my very best to help raise funds for Credo and Virginia, and will continue to do so into the future.

The allegations are as follows:  An anonymous, faceless individual, who states that he represents a large organisation of over 10,000 people, donated a large sum of money towards Credo Mutwa, which he paid into my account. I have been accused of keeping the money and not paying it to Credo, thereby stealing large amounts of money from him. A group of journalist were given this information upon which they called Credo and asked whether he received a large amount of money from me, which was due to him. Obviously Credo and Virginia responded with surprise and stated that they had not received any money from me – there was no money donated in the first place. But what it did manage to do, is sow the seeds of doubt with Credo and Virginia about my levels of credibility. This is what saddens me most.

I can categorically state that I have received no large donations or even small donations for Credo. To this point all my attempts to raise money for Credo have not been successful.  I did send out an email to my database asking people to donate money and help Credo, after he told me that he was in dire straits when I saw him in March 2010.

I recently released a DVD of myself in conversation with Credo which is selling on my website, www.zuluplanet.com – for which Credo is receiving a very substantial royalty – much larger than normally allocated by publishers.

In about Jan 2010, we created a donation button to raise money for Credo’e cultural village in Soweto, which was completely ruined and broken down. This amazing space was created by Credo himself several decades ago and was/is filled with his art and spirit. I responded to a plea from a group of young concerned South Africans who were devastated by the condition of the village. They saw it as a window of opportunity to bring some pride back to Soweto and restore a precious part of our cultural history.  Any money raised in this attempt was going to go to the restoration of the village. We did not receive any donations.

When I visited Credo at his house in March 2010, he told me that he had disassociated himself from the village and he had no more feelings for it. We immediately removed the donation button and planned to reintroduce it later, with the intent to raise money for Virginia’s hospital for abused children, which she is building behind their house. Virginia showed me the partially constructed building and explained where and what still needed to be completed. I left there with a promise to do what I can to help raise funds for the hospital.

michael with Virginia

Not long after this these accusations against me began.

So, to make it very simple and expose this devious, venomous individual and the horde of so-called journalist who fell for his lies, I propose the following. Since we all know who I am, but we do not know who this individual is - Tell us your name; tell me and the journalists that surround you, how much you deposited; when you made the deposit; and into which account you made the deposit.

michae at credos houseIf this account actually belongs to me, I will gladly disclose all deposits made into my account on that day for all to see if I actually received any such donation.

michae at credos house

I trust that this will be that last we ever hear of this, and our faceless individual will probably never be revealed. I hope this satisfies those who may have had doubt, and makes all of us realise how vulnerable we are to malicious and slanderous attacks by those who want to damage our reputations for reasons of their own.

Yours sincerely

Michael Tellinger

Keep exploring.

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