December 18, 2009

Flying Cars and the Future of Travel..

Recently, I saw a video of the Flying "Floating" Car on a Car Show video on Youtube..

it really caught my attention so I looked around and discovered that it was a HELIUM Balloon..
WATCH THE VIDEOs Here on my original posts

I included this playlist link of  
Dr. Paul Moller on "Flying Cars and the Future of Travel" 

and the "Flying Car" Terrafugia Transition Roadable Aircraft.. 

Not a flying car, but a roadable aircraft, the Terrafugia Transition took flight for the first time March 5, 2009

 Visit and search for “Terrafugia” for more.

Video by Glenn Pew

As for the Company that Manufactures the Helium Balloon scale Models of Autos etc.. 


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