December 28, 2009

Feng Shui & BaGua Widget..

What is Feng Shui? "Feng" = Wind & "Shui" = Water..

In the Chinese language, "Feng" [pronounced fung] means wind & "Shui" [pronounced shway] means water..
Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese art and science, was created over 3,000 years ago.
This complex body of knowledge involves balancing the energies of an environment to cultivate health, wealth, and good fortune for people inhabiting it.
Chinese traditions have always associated gentle wind and clear water with bountiful harvest and good health.
Overtime the idea of "good feng shui" came to represent good fortune and livelihood, whereas "bad feng shui" represented hardship and misfortune.
The main tools used during feng shui analysis are the Compass and the BaGua.

Feng Shui Benefits
The benefits of Feng Shui include:
* Feeling of empowerment * Good health
* Increased energy * Increased self-esteem. * Awareness of synchronicity

When we create a smooth flow within our living environment, it translates to all other aspects of our lives.

Feng Shui Consultants
Although the basic levels of Feng Shui are easy to understand and apply to one's own environment, Feng Shui is a profound and complex subject that requires dedicated and thorough study to be performed properly for consistent positive results.

Feng Shui can include a variety of enhancements to improve many aspects of life and is extensively used in residential and commercial settings all over the world. If you would like to experience the vast benefits of Feng Shui, consider hiring a professional Feng Shui consultant to visit your home, land, or office.
Li Feng Shui tips for Fame and Reputation:
* Display certificates, medals, trohpies and any symbols of achievement.
* Energize this room with red color objects such as red vases, red curtains,or any object with the color red.
* Bring the sun element by having candles and bright lamps.

Nature: Fire Direction: South Season: Summer Personality: Clinging Family: Middle Daughter Meaning: Rapid movement, radiance, the sun Color: Red Number: 9

Kun Feng Shui tips for Relantionships:
* Display items that symbolize relationship such as images of a romatic relationship, images of friends, or any set of paired items.
* Bring plants into this room to improve chi.
* Have red, pink and white objects in this room to bring love energy to your relationships. * If you have an open breeze use things like wind chimes to bring energy into the South-West corner of the room.

Nature: Earth Direction: South-West Season: Summer Personality: Receptive Family: Mother Meaning: Receptive energy, that which yields Colors: Red, Pink, White Number: 2

Dui Feng Shui tips for Children & Creativity:
* Place photos of family, children, or artwork you enjoy to bring good energy.
* This is a great area to store all children toys, games, art supplies, and also things that relate to entertainment such as music and movies.
* Have a white board where you can display project details, achievements, creative ideas, dreams and goals.

Nature: Lake Direction: West Season: Autumn Personality: Joyous Family: Youngest Daughter Meaning: Joy, satisfaction, stagnation Colors: White Number:7

Qian Feng Shui tips for Helpful People & Travel:
* Have objects of communication that represent interaction with others, such as telephones, telephone directories, and business cards.
* Display photos of friends and travels, as well as places and people you'd like to meet.

Nature: Heaven Direction: North-West Season: Autumn Personality: Creative Family: Father Meaning: Expansive energy, the sky Colors: Black, Grey, White Number: 6

Kan Feng Shui tips for Career:
* Display items that represent your goals such as a brochure from a university you'd like to attend or a business card of a company you'd like to be part of.
* Have a comfortable chair to welcome clients, and a welcome mat at the door.
* Use house plants to inspire growth in your career and to also clean and refresh indoor air.
* Display positive and inspiring quotes in this room to keep you motivated.
Nature: Water Direction: North Season: Winter Personality: Abysmal Family: Middle Son Meaning: Danger, rapid rivers, the abyss, the moon Colors: Black Number: 1
Gen Feng Shui tips for Skills & Knowledge:
* Place items that enrich your life and bring you wisdom and education.
* Frame words of wisdom and have bookcases in this room.
* Display photos of your mentors or of great leaders and people you admire.
* Have several indoor plants to symbolize the growth of wisdom.

Nature: Mountain Direction: North-East Season: Winter Personality: Still Family: Youngest Son Meaning: Stillness, immovability Colors: Blue, Black, Green Number: 8
Zhen Feng Shui tips for Family:
* Display photographs of family, friends and pets, as well as objects that remind you of fun family activities.
* Use blue and green colors in this room.
* Have bright flowers and green plants to bring good energy and good health.

Nature: Thunder Direction: East Season: Spring Personality: Arousing Family: Eldest Son Meaning: Excitation, revolution Colors: Blue, Green Number: 3

Xun Feng Shui tips for Prosperity:
* Invite wealth and prosperity by displaying coins and empty bowls in this room.
* An indoor water fountain is a great addition and will bring renewed and positive energy.
* Display Chinese coins. Their circular shape symbolizes Heaven, and the square inside symbolizes Earth.
* Place bright purple, blue and red objects, and other items that bring richness into our lives.

WEALTH & PROSPERITY Nature: Wind Direction: South-East Season: Spring Personality: Gentle Family: Eldest Daughter Meaning: Gentle penetration,flexibility Colors: Purple, Blue, Red Number: 4

I Ching Feng Shui tips for YOU:
* Here is where all energies accumulate and flow in.
* This area should be bright, welcoming and clutter free. Try using a circular rug in this area. * Practice Meditation to cultivate your inner self.
* Practice Yoga to be calm, centered and focused.
* Listen to music, it feeds the soul.
* Dance to enhance your confidence, style and creativity.
* Dream big and persevere beyond all obstacles.
* Never give up on yourself!
* Welcome changes in your life. See them as adventures not disruptions.
* Listen to your soul. Ask yourself what it is that you want.

REPRESENTS YOU Nature: Earth Direction: Center Colors: Yellow and Earth Tones Number: 5

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