April 8, 2014

Sanitas Radio - Dr. Jerry Tennant, M.D. - Healing is Voltage - Part 1 of 2

Frequency&Sound Do Have A Benefit of Speeding Up
Healing..(and Body Correction)..BUT it's NOT the KEY..
to 'Understanding' Healing..
There is a vast difference between Patching Up..vs Healing
(Perfect Body Balance in all Aspects)..that is possible..
and That IS When You Are ''Healed''..
Its A LifeStyle..and Does Not Happen Overnight...

The ''Mis-Calculation'' that Doctor's and Researchers make..
Is believing DisEase is a CELLULAR Issue..
When Actually..it's a Energy Compression Issue..
and another Critical MisCalculation..is assuming that in fact
the Body..is Regenerating itself every several days and weeks..
That's Incorrect..

The Body Is.. Regenerating..Organs.. tissue, bone etc..
BUT..the Body is Blocked..(Caked & Baked)..like a Landfill..
So Only a SMALL fraction..of Cells actually Exit the Body..
That Is Not..Cell Regeneration..that is Cell DEgeneration...(Age)ing.

'Should Be' and 'Is' when done correctly...An EXCHANGE of CELLS..
CIRCULATION..Makes Room for NEW Cells To Enter the Body..
And GUIDES The OLD CELLS Out of the BODY..
(That Exchange = ReGeneration)

Our Cells have a ''Shelf'' life..They are designed to be Recycled..
Out with the OLD..In with the NEW..
Our Body is designed to ReGenerate..Not DeGenerate..(Age)
It's In The KNOWing that Makes All the Difference..
Healing..is a INside Job..that interconnects Body, Mind & Spirit..
You Can Teach Yourself To Heal Yourself..Chi is the Key..
The Power is in Your Hands....ღ


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