July 4, 2012

Spiritual Partnership Will Transcend

Source: monstras.lt via Ren on Pinterest

It's time to put aside the traditional concepts of relationship and
seriously consider the notion of a cosmic, spiritual partnership
that will transcend those of the past.

Not only is this new concept beginning to take hold and flourish,
in the end it is going to prevail. And it's going to prevail because ego will have
no place in such a union.

Spiritual partnership is based upon equality, balance between the male and female energies,
the freedom and the strength to be one's self while taking responsibility for one's actions,
sacred sexuality, open and truthful communication without fear of ridicule,
honoring and respecting the other's strengths and weaknesses,
and the genuine recognition that your partner is truly your most intimate and all-embracing friend.

Source: monstras.lt via Ren on Pinterest

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