March 26, 2012

Baking Soda.. A Cancer Cure?

Uploaded by thetruthergirls on Jun 7, 2011

video description..
Could the cure for cancer be as simple as sipping baking soda and molasses?
It took a lot for me to change my views on the curability of cancer, but after looking into this for along time, I realized that many of the alternative treatments worked by alkalizing the body, which facilitates oxygenation.

Man recovers from cancer with baking soda cure:

Woman recovers from 'incurable cancer' with ozone and juicing after doctors give up on her:

Connection between Ph. oxygenation and cancer.


TyHyChi Ren.. Response to this video..
I really like the way Sonya is processing and asking all the right questions..
and doing the right research... Bravo to theTrutherGirls!

This is my response and personal opinion about Cancer..
after years of  research myself.. and dealing with my own
Self Healing experiences..

Cancer is.. before anything else, "Cellular or Molecular"... 
A Compressed Energy trapped deep within the muscles and tissue of the body..
Compressed Energy = HEAT...
Baking Soda..puts out a fire.. Externally and internally..
it also alkalizes.. ~ Having said that.. one precaution when 
using Baking Soda.. is use it in moderation.. 
it puts out the fire, (which alters the cells and molecular
structure) but it also "dehydrates" the muscles..
Our health and wellness is more of a circulation and fluidity issue..
So just a pinch of Baking Soda in water... AS NEEDED..
by paying attention to your body requesting assistance..
like with signs of Acidity.. bloating or burning..
Aloe Vera Juice.. is just as powerful.. and can be used
much more frequently if desired..
The goal is to remove Excess energy and improve Circulation..
So that there is an Exhange of old cells and new cells..
That is called REGENERATION... instead of DeGeneration..
That's is what it is all about......much♥ &  All 1♥
~ Rennie

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