October 14, 2011

LOVE IS LIKE WATER by Jaime Rodriguez

LOVE IS LIKE WATER by Jaime Rodriguez

Love is like water
You can not grasp it 
you can not contain it
If you try to imprison it
it turns into vapor an escapes
if you try to possess it
it runs through your fingers
if you don't give it your warmth
it freezes and turns into ice 

Love is the joining of two rivers
together, yet free
inseparable, yet independent
different, yet the same
soft, yet strong
gentle, yet powerful,
always flowing 

Swim against its current
and it will drown you
Resist it or fight it, 
and it will drag you and hurt you
Drink from it continuously,
and it will overwhelm and choke you

Don't resist and it will gently carry you 
Don't fight it and it will make you weightless
Don't try to stop it and it will caress and cleanse your soul
Listen to it and it will bring you peace
Don't try to force it, submit to it, give in
Become one with it

~ Jaime Rodriguez

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