June 18, 2011

40+ Free Online Human Anatomy Galleries

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40+ Free Online Human Anatomy Galleries

The Internet offers us a chance to look at just about anything. Information about the human body can be seen online, providing health care workers and others a chance to see how our bodies work. If you want to see some interesting images, you can browse these online human anatomy galleries:

General and Developmental Anatomy

These sites offer you the chance to see images from different systems. Helpful information on the whole body. Includes information on the way the body develops.

  1. Anatomy Image Gallery: Access a number of great images related to human anatomy. Interesting CGI images that can help you see the body.

  2. AnatomyCorner: Features different images and galleries related to human anatomy, as well as other animals. Interesting to compare to humans to other creatures.

  3. Anatomy: This gallery from eMedicineHealth offers a look at different parts of the body, from ears to fingers. Great illustrations and interesting images.

  4. Anatomy Atlas Gallery: Searchable gallery provides you with access to helpful images of human anatomy.

  5. Human Anatomy: Includes developmental anatomy of a fetus. A look at how humans are formed in the womb.

  6. Virtual Organ Library: A look at the different organs in the body.

  7. MedMotion: Gallery includes images from different systems of the body. Interesting and interactive.

Brain and Nervous System

Learn more about the way the brain is set up, and learn about the nervous system.

  1. Brain Anatomy Images: Posit Science offers this image gallery full of images related to the brain.

  2. Anatomy of the Central Nervous System: A great gallery of different images related to the nervous system of the body.

  3. Nervous System: View different images related to the nervous system. An interactive gallery.

  4. Human Anatomy – Nervous System: The BBC offers a look at the nervous system and how it set up. See different images and explanations by clicking on different parts.

  5. Photo Gallery: Brain: National Geographic offers a great gallery of brain images, showing the structure of the brain.

  6. Brain Specimens: Click on different links to see images of different brain specimens, neurons and more.

Respiratory System

Find out how the lungs and airway work. You can see plenty of interesting images and illustrations from these galleries.

  1. Tour the Respiratory System: A great look at different parts of the respiratory system, and how it works.

  2. Fetal Respiratory System: Look at how the respiratory system develops in an unborn child. A great gallery.

  3. Respiratory System: Color images of the respiratory system. Looks at high magnification of different parts of the system.

  4. respiratory system: This gallery includes labeled images of different parts of the respiratory system.

  5. respiratory system images: Your Dictionary offers a number of great images in this gallery, all centered around the respiratory system.

  6. Respiratory System 3D Images: Look at these great 3D images of the respiratory system.

Circulatory/Cardiovascular System

The heart is an amazing muscle, pumping blood through the body. Find out how the blood moves through the body, and what you can expect from blood vessels.

  1. Cardiovascular System: Study the way blood moves through the body.

  2. Circulatory System: This basic, kid-friendly gallery includes images, quizzes and videos about the circulatory system.

  3. Cardiovascular System: Look at images from the cardiovascular system, show surgical pathology.

  4. schema of circulation: Get an idea of how blood moves through the body, and learn about different parts of the circulatory system.

  5. Blood, Heart and Circulation Pictures: Have a look at different parts of the cardiovascular system.

  6. Anatomy of the Human Heart: Great images of the human heart, how it works, and how it is structured.

Digestive System

We receive nutrients through what happens in the digestive process. See how the digestive system works to help the body get what it needs for life. Includes the systems used for voiding the waste from the body.

  1. Photo Gallery: Digestive System: A look at the digestive system, and how it works.

  2. digestive system: Images from the digestive system. Interesting and educational.

  3. Digestive System 3D Images: See the digestive system from different angles. A great resource.

  4. Picture Your Digestive System: Interesting look at the digestive system and how it works.

Musculoskeletal System

See how muscles and bones work. This is an interesting system in the body, and is responsible for the way we move and support our weight. These interesting galleries provide insights into anatomy.

  1. Musculoskeletal Atlas: A look at different parts of the system, including how the muscles work on the bone.

  2. Musculoskeletal anatomy (upper and lower extremities): Looks at the limbs and other parts of the extremities.

  3. MRI Anatomy Atlas: This work in progress includes MRI images of different bones and muscles.

  4. Muscular System (front view): A look at muscles. This interactive gallery shows different muscles.

  5. Functional Anatomy of Skeletal Muscles: See how the muscles work. Includes images, quizzes and more.

  6. The Skeleton: Skeletal System: A look at bones, how they are formed, and their development.

  7. Skeletal System: Real photos of the skeletal system. Great for learning skeletal anatomy.

Diseases, Injuries and Defects

Find out what happens when things aren’t working properly in the body. The following online galleries provide you with insight into the effects of disease, injury and defect on the human anatomy.

  1. Personal Injury Illustrations: A look at different personal injuries that can be inflicted on different people.

  2. Trauma Gallery: Real images of trauma injuries. Warning: graphic and not for the faint of heart. But useful to prepare those who have to see these injuries.

  3. Strep Throat: A look at the anatomy of this disease. Includes links to galleries dealing with other diseases.

  4. Medical Gallery: Different images related to injuries, illnesses and defects from the University of Iowa.

  5. Medical Pictures/Disease Pictures: See images of anatomy affected by different disease, bites and conditions.

  6. Photos of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases: The CDC offers a look at different diseases. Watch out! Some are quite graphic.

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