January 19, 2011

REDISCOVERED LEONARDO... discovery of a unknown drawing..

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Rediscovered leonardo

Welcome on Leonardoritrovato.com (Rediscoveredleonardo.com)

Here you will find the complete story of the discovery of an unpublished drawing by Leonardo Da Vinci: its presumed concealment, its origins and its unearthing.

In the documents section you can view an in-depth historical-artistic appraisal and, for the very first time for a drawing by Da Vinci, a scientific-comparative analysis.

Discussing Da Vinci is an arduous task and today, in fact, many scholars still disagree on various aspects of the artist’s life. For this reason, during the years spent studying the unpublished drawing, we have come up against difficulties. All of this, however, has strengthened our conviction that we are on the right track and has spurred us on to continue our work.

We are aware that our claims may cause astonishment and perplexity, but we attest to their completeness truthfulness and the possibility of substantiating and verifying them at any time.

Today, with the conclusive proof that the drawing is indeed part of the Codex Atlanticus, we can consider our research complete.

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