August 26, 2010

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Is there a miniature stargate in your own brain? Did ancient cultures reverse-engineer it into usable technology that could actually look – and even travel – through time?

Did our secret government come into possession of this technology? Did they see anything occurring around the year 2012? Dive into this fascinating story in The 2012 Enigma.

"2012 Enigma" was shot and edited in real time at the Conscious Life Expo, and then underwent extensive post-production by David, with help from Larry Seyer and the excellent cartoonist G.T. Bradford, who provided us with a humorous caricature of David for the title sequence.

This 95-minute video features brand new material about the pineal gland, time-space, 2012 and Montauk that we've never presented anywhere else before. We deliberately focused in on the material your letters said you liked the most!

Giving this material such a big splash for a public debut, in a video with this level of production value, insures our protection -- and that's a major reason why we're giving it away for free!

Since the second half of the video was ruined, and the first half ended without any summary statement, we found an ending for "2012 Enigma" by adding in footage of David's initial speech at the 2012 "channeling" panel, hosted by Sean David Morton, which was filmed the night before.

This clip begins with a fun-loving surfer-dude showdown between David and Sean, in keeping with the humorously confrontational energy that Dannion Brinkley had already created in George Noory's 2012 panel the day before, where he was constantly working to police Sean from dominating the talk-time. Morton and Hoagland still did most of the talking, leaving precious little remaining for George Noory, William Henry, Dannion and David.

Though David kept his initial speech short at the second 2012 panel, he still managed to hit it out of the park and generate a great deal of excitement that shifted the whole energy from then on... and it forms an excellent ending that wraps up the video and keeps it to a comfortable 95-minute length.

If we do release the rest of this "channeling panel" footage, we will probably edit it down to capture Sean's opening introductions, Dannion's initial talk, David's initial talk and then let the extended discussion / audience interaction portion play out thereafter, as three of the panel members were very new to public speaking and each of them later reiterated their points in a more effective fashion once they hit their stride.

Each "part" listed below summarizes the content of each ten-minute YouTube section we chopped the video up into. For today, March 8th, we've only listed the Google Video link, which contains the entire video in one pass, while we work on finishing our upload of the YouTube video.

For now, we leave you with our breakthrough new video: The 2012 Enigma!

Enjoy... and open your mind to the possibilities!

Summary Text of Video:

2012: Tragedy, transcension or just another year? David Wilcock exposes many great secrets: DNA, consciousness science, wormholes, stargate travel, sacred geometry, three-dimensional time, the Mayan Calendar and much, much more!

Part I: CONVERGENCE The Movie, consciousness energy field, Edgar Cayce reincarnation, Da Vinci Code, Inconvenient Truth, galactic alignment, dodecahedron, 2012 / DNA crop circles, sacred geometry as vibration, tetrahedron, 19.5 degrees

Part II: Hans Jenny / Cymatics, space and time inverting, wave-particle duality, Buckyballs / fullerenes, DNA as a wave, Kaznacheyev, psychic healing, Dewey Larson, 3D time, space-time fabric, time-space

Part III: Fairy circles, natural stargates, ESP, nested spheres, channeling, chakras, Pineal gland, Sumerian tablets, Osiris, kundalini, pine cone symbolism, Tammuz, Shiva, Third Eye, Bindi, Bacchus, Dionysus, Jesus, the Vatican

Part IV: Pyramid sarcophagus, cathedral windows, the World Tree, melatonin, DMT, ayahuasca, Dreams, Out of Body Experience, the Silver Cord

Part V: Mark of the Beast, microclusters, synchronicity, shamanism, holographic sound, reverse-engineering the pineal gland, Dan Burisch, Project Looking Glass, CONTACT

Part VI: The Last Mimzy, the Roswell Crash, the Cube / Yellow Disc, Hellraiser, election tampering, pole shift, time-viewing technology, the Iraq War, DCTP / Doctrine of the Convergent Timeline Paradox, human-lineage ETs

Part VII: Tree of Life, Illuminati, Rothschilds, Hitler, New World Order, Lucifer, Luciferian philosophy, Catholic church, Philadelphia Experiment / Rainbow Project

Part VIII: Phoenix III, Montauk chair, time travel, Dec. 21, 2012, 20-year cycle, Stargate SG-1, Outer Band Individuated Teletracer / OBIT, The Outer Limits, Time Vector Generator / TVG, Mars pyramids, underground bases, jumproom, Total Recall, Minority Report, X-Men / Cerebro, Rifts in Time

Part IX: Forbidden Planet, psychic conduit, LSD trips, zero-time, 2012 dimensional shift, Edgar Cayce readings, Chandler’s Wobble, pole shift, Library of Atlantis / Hall of Records, California earthquakes

Part X: Create your own reality, 2012 not cataclysmic, Russian physics, Dr. Sergey Smelyakov / Auric Time Scale, Mayan Calendar, spiral imploding into 2012 changing consciousness, Ascended abilities, spiritual growth

Our main flagship product remains "The Science of Peace," which takes the foundation we built in this video and blows it into a whole new level, answering many implicit questions that are raised.

David and nine-time Grammy-winning musician Larry Seyer co-authored the majestic soundtrack that accompanies you on your journey into the deep mystical truths of our Divine Cosmos. You can download it and begin listening in minutes!

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