April 29, 2010

Cher Fitness - A New Attitude ~ Muscle Strengthening Exercises

Cher Fitness - A New Attitude ~ Muscle Strengthening Exercises
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Genre: Video Training

Description from DVD:
This Video training is part of my own personal
workout program designed by my personal trainers.

I'm a student along with you so I don't want you
to feel that you're alone.
I do this program myself, every day and I know that
it works.
I feel better and look better in (and out of!) my clothes.

I know that if you make this commitment to exercise you
too will look and feel your best.

This program is challenging.
It's not impossible, but challenging and you don't have to
start out perfect you just have to start.

Step Workout (38 minute workout)
A power-packed aerobic workout with cardiovascular benefits,
providing three progressive levels of fat-burning,
body-shaping moves.
Fun and effective for beginners to advanced exercises.
Dynamite Abs..

Healthy Back (10 minute workout)
Here's an effective approach to abdominal tightening.
Exercises three different muscle groups while focusing on
proper alignment and breathing.
You also get moves that will strengthen your back muscles
for proper posture and long-term back health.

Hips, Buns and Thighs (32 minute workout)
A complete lower body reshaper that puts an end to ineffective,
endless leg lifts. You can get a unique multi-muscle workout
in a dynamic, upright format.
Built-in-challenges bring body contouring to a whole new level.

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Cher Fitness - A New Attitude ~ Muscle Strengthening Exercises

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jo oliver said...

I see you are a friend of Bren Parks. I wanted to stop by since I am always seeing your name on Mystic.

Very interesting post. I really need to strengthen my ab muscles since I just had a baby four months ago.